Turn the Tides Interview with Stephanie

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Turn the Tides Interview with Stephanie
Interviewer: Aitziber
Interviewee: Stephanie
Date(s): 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
External Links: interview is here
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In 2000, Hanson fan Stephanie was interviewed by Aitziber for her website Turn the Tides.

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Some Excerpts

What inspires you to write? Is there a friend, sibling, book, song, etc that inspires you?

Actually, most of the time music inspires me while I write. But, often my friends and our experiences together are my inspiration. And for "this boy," the inspiration came from the breakup of me and my first real love. We broke up a long, long time ago, but I was telling someone the story and it inspired me to write this story (the final chapter is a word for word retelling of mine and Paul's breakup). I mean really, I feel like I could change the names and it would still have impact (at least for me).

Is there an issue that worries you about Hanson fiction?

You know, some of the smuttier stories are somewhat disturbing. I have no argument with sexy stuff, but some of the porn is just gross. And really, I think they could be hurtful if Hanson ever read it, especially some of the slash/gay fiction. But, this is a free country and the internet is still a free resource, so there will always be lots of stuff that isn't necessarily of the best content out there.

Is there anything you've learned from writing/reading Hanson fiction?

People will post anything!! I've read some truly dreadfully written stuff! But, there are also some truly amazing talents out there and because of the wonder of the 'net, the world gets to read it.

Good and bad things about writing online in your opinion.

Ummm, I think it is fairly inexcusable to find a story with words misspelled over and over and over. I mean, a typo here and there is alright, but sometimes... Also, I hate when people misuse words. This usually happens when they don't check on a words meaning.

Good thing: The writing is out there and people can enjoy it. Bad thing: The writing is out there and people can steal it. Plagiarism is a cancer and a real concern... I've been seriously plagiarized and let me assure you it's not fun at all.... But that is a story for another day.