Turn the Tides Interview with Shelby

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Turn the Tides Interview with Shelby
Interviewer: Aitziber
Interviewee: Shelby
Date(s): 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
External Links: interview is here
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In 2000, Hanson fan Shelby was interviewed by Aitziber for her website Turn the Tides. The interview also included Aitziber's review of Shelby's story If They Knew.

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Some Excerpts

How did you get the idea to write 'If They Knew'?

Every once in a while I buy an album that I become obsessively attached to. *coughMiddleofNoweherecough* Last spring that album was TLC's "Fanmail" and on there, they have a song called If They Knew in which it talks about a relationship that's pretty secretive and sneaky but feels so right. And it just got me to thinking about love triangle situations and how that would be interesting and refreshing to look at on a deeper level. And Zac seemed like the most interesting and refreshing Hanson to write about, since I was growing tired of the endless amount of cliched Taylor fanfics, so I picked him and went from there. I'm a Zac girl all the way ;) I adore the guy.

What's your personal favorite part of the story?

I love writing about Delia and Zac's relationship because it's this really complicated situation and that brings so much auomatic fuel for chemistry. I don't even think I created chemistry for Delia and Zac. It was just there, waiting to be put verbally. Nicole's storyline is also an important part of the story to me and I wish I would have focused on it more because the issue of eating disorders is something that's always fascinated me so I wanted to write about the psyche of a person in that type of situation.