Turn the Tides Interview with Kristen

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Turn the Tides Interview with Kristen
Interviewer: Aitziber
Interviewee: Kristen Bartlett
Date(s): 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
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In 2000, Hanson fan Kristen Bartlett was interviewed by Aitziber for her website Turn the Tides. The interview also included Aitziber's review of Kristen's story For What It's Worth.

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Some Excerpts

How did you get the idea to write 'For What It's Worth'?

I actually started writing "For What It's Worth" on Easter of '97. My friend Ginny and I had been talking of creating a Hanson website, and we decided that to make it more special than the fact/picture sites out there, we needed a story. I'd just gotten home from a family get together, and I was thinking about how I, like many, struggle constantly with my family and perhaps how it might be an interesting idea to write a fanfic story which dealt with a romance between not just a girl and a boy, but a connection between a girl, the boy, and two families. This was the first novel I'd ever written, and I wanted to make it light-hearted. I was set to make the first real romantic comedy of hanfic.

What is the most important aspect/relationship/issue that you want to get across to your readers?

Haley's relationship with her mother is based on mine with my grandmother. I wanted to deal with my own grief by writing, and I knew there were lots of people out there who could identify with it. I also wanted to share the lighter side of falling in love, and just be simple with it. There were layers, but not that many. It's just a simple love story, I think, with a couple of laughs.

Are you planning on posting up once again your Poison Ivy stories?

I love hanfic, because it's gotten me so far, you see. I'd hardly written anything before "For What It's Worth" and then, suddenly, I was a prolific machine. I'm glad I don't do Poison Ivy [her website] anymore, because while so amazing and fun at first, it got to be a chore. Now I can take my time, no hounding for updates.

Is there an issue that worries you about Hanson fiction?

I think I worry a lot of writers continuing to make stories *after* Hanfic is over. I had a friend tell me she was worried I wouldn't write anything else after I took the Poison Ivy down. Well, that's not true at all! :) I'm interested in being a screenwriter, and have written several things for the stage and a movie last year. My advice to everyone who writes fanfic is to not stop writing. It's natural and crucial for us to move on from fanfic (unless it's what makes you most happy, of course), but we can't stop writing all together. We've written for each other and succeeded. Now we have to write for the rest of the world in hopes of conquering them, too.