True South

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Title: True South
Publisher: Manna LaDroit
Date(s): 2001
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Due South
External Links: Publisher's website
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cover on publisher's website

True South is a Due South Benny Fraser/Ray Vecchio slash zine dedicated to exploring and celebrating the true nature of friendship, partnership, love and loyalty. It was published in 2001 and has 190 pages and three illustrations from Renny Ramos along with graphics from the show.

Summary: The fourteen stories are a mix of gen, preslash and NC-17. All stories are based on the show's first two seasons, but there is no anti-anything sentiment in the zine. Some stories are humorous, some angsty, but there's no deathfic, BDSM, or bummer stories.

scan of cover
  • Benny by Renny Ramos (illo) (4)
  • Yellow Apron by Jane Mailander (5)
  • The Wedding by Anam71 (13)
  • Lotion by L.A.K. (31)
  • Benny by Renny Ramos (illo) (34)
  • From Pillar to Post by Cloudwalker (35)
  • Lost Together by Ashinae (39)
  • At the End of the Day by Renny Ramos (58)
  • The Good Ones by Jatona (60)
  • Benny by Renny Ramos (illo) (62)
  • Meld by Manna LaDroit (63)
  • Assurance by the Cloudwalker (92)
  • One Good Friend by Shannon McKinnon (94)
  • I Don't Believe in Aliens by nona (101)
  • Sales Resistance by Jeannie Marie (109)
  • Just Due by Alexandria Wolfe (117)