Trinity Sitch Series

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Title: Trinity Sitch Series
Author(s): Commander Argus
Date(s): 2005-2008
Genre: het
Fandom: Kim Possible
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Trinity Sitch Series is a Kim/Ron series of fiction by Commander Argus set in his It Finally Happened universe.


An ancient evil has set its sights on Earth and three heroes must rise to become the Trinity of the Fury, the three avatars of beings who have ascended beyond the physical universe. The only problem; The Evil Dark Lord of Arkonia is moving almost five hundred years before he was expected to!


The last in the Trinity Sitch series is incomplete due to the author's passing[1][2].

Author's Notes

"My Trinity Sitch fics are based on a series of science fiction stories I have been working on since my teens. For Kim Possible I've turned it into an A/U retelling of that story, taking place in the KP universe. My fictions take the Kim Possible series as canon, up to "So the Drama." It's pretty clear the story will diverge once season 4 is up and running, so my continuity becomes A/U from that point on."