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Synonyms: tlc
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Translation Checking is a step in the fansub or scanlation process. It involves reviewing a translation for accuracy and consistency[1]. Not all fansub groups use translation checking, and sometimes even groups that do use it will skip this step for experienced translators working on a consistent series[2].

Translation checkers are almost always experienced translators. They may treat the process of checking very similarly to the first translation pass, including research.[3]

My mindset when it comes to translation checks is almost exactly the same as translating an episode.  The only difference is that I do not have to type out the translation if the translation is similar enough to how I would translate it.  For this reason alone, translation checking goes considerably faster than translating.  However, in all other aspects, I am still literally translating an episode.[3]

Translation checks impose a time cost[4] in return for improved scripts and less difficulty in the later steps.[5] As such, speedsub groups may skip this step.[6] Conversely, groups that use other groups' translations for rerelease will tend to concentrate on translation checking to improve quality.[1]


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