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Journal Community
Name: toeveryletter
Date(s): Created 26 August 2007 - Last updated 26 December 2007
Moderator: flimsy
Founder: flimsy
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: Bandom

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toeveryletter is a locked livejournal community that hosted a small Bandom gift exchange in December 2007.

It was so small and informal that it appears not to have had an official name, but several stories from the exchange were reposted unlocked and recced by fans in other comms. Headers referred to the exchange vaguely as "a little Christmas fic exchange some of us participated in"[1] or not at all[2].

Although another Bandom holiday exchange was available to participate in that year, the surprise recs prompted at least one person in an anon meme to complain about the exchange being secretive and elitist.[3] This charge is reminiscent of the reaction to damnyouwentz's closed membership policy, though on a much smaller scale.

Another anon explained how the exchange came to be:

I wasn't one of the mods so I obviously can't speak for them, but the whole impression I got was that it was private so as to be casual and small so as to be manageable for the mods. Some people have time to run huge exchanges and assign secret santas and harp on deadlines, and that's awesome and there was so much great fic that came out of nightmare_xmas and the like, but this just wasn't that kind of set up. And no, it definitely wasn't "elite," it was just a bunch of people who were friends or had mutual friends writing some fic for each other for Christmas. I'd actually say that all of the authors were of varying levels of... crap, can I just say notoriety? There were some people I was quaking in my boots at because holy shit no way could I write fic for them, and then some people I was like "wait, who?"[4]

Meanwhile in namespace, foxxcub wrote,

Good fic was produced and friendships were formed. Isn't this the point of fandom in general? I hate that people seem to think there's something nefarious afoot just because it took place in a locked community. We're not trying out to exclude anyone! If that were the case, none of the fic written for this exchange would've been posted publicly, and I would be running around bragging about how adellyna wrote 22,000 words of Pete/Patrick underage porn that NONE OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO READ EVAR HAHAHA *EV0L LAUGH*. But that did not happen, and Mandi's porn is available for the masses to love and cherish, because, dude, sixteen-year-old grumpy imperfect Patrick NEEDS to be shared, okay?[5][6]


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