Those Who Are Dead

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Title: Those Who Are Dead
Creator: forcellari
Date: 24 October 2011
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:35 min
Music: "42" by Coldplay
Genre: fic trailer
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Footage: Clips from Hawaii Five-0 up to Season 2 Episode 5, The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 1
URL: Those Who Are Dead (LJ)
Those Who Are Dead (Vimeo)
Those Who Are Dead.png

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Those Who Are Dead is a Hawaii Five-0 vid by forcellari.

Vidder's notes:
Atmospheric/backstory trailer for shinysylver's zombie fic In My Time of Dying. I've never been one for zombie stories, but I got totally drawn into the idea after beta-ing hers. Then this vid happened--whoops! Someone tell me: why aren't there more H50 zombie apocalypse fics? Think of all the action and ANGST! Speaking of angst, go read her fic!

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: This is a haunting, meticulously edited video which manages to create a believable lead up to a zombie apocalypse in Hawaii. Everything from song choice to clip selection (from both Hawaii Five-0 and Walking Dead) are perfect, creating an excellent prequel video to shinysylver's fic In My Time of Dying. [1]
That was amazing, seriously. Hurrr hurrr, zombiiiiies. Off to read the fic now! [2]
Wow that was amazing and so well edited. It was impossible to see the joins. That was really atmospheric and got me creeped out something terrible. :D Well done for giving such a wonderful accompanyment to the story.[3]
Wow. This was so creative, I loved how you pieced together the right scenes to create a very plausible zombie scenario. I'm mega impressed and it evokes such a somber tone to what is yet to come.[4]
your vid was excellent - you captured the melancholy mood perfectly and went with the story to a T....loved it...and will watch it again! :)[5]
That was put together extremely well. Creepy. It could have been an ep. [6]


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