This Mortal Life

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Title: This Mortal Life
Author(s): hidingfromsomeone
Date(s): Oct 2009 - March 2011
Length: 190,278 words
Genre: Slash, Canon AU
Fandom: Twilight
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This Mortal Life began as an NC-17 rated oneshot entered in the first round of the Slash/Backslash Twilight Slash contest. After the close of the contest, the author, hidingfromsomeone, extended the story, and it eventually grew to 36 chapters including outtakes.

Plot Summary

Authors summary: For Jake, the only thing that could make life any worse would be imprinting. The only thing that could make that any worse would be imprinting on another guy.

The original oneshot follows Jacob Black, who is adamantly not gay, after he imprints on another guy, Adam (an original character). Jacob discovers that Adam is gay, and the two hook up.

The rest of the story follows them throughout their lives, dealing with homophobia in school and in their community, growing up, getting married and having children.


Partway through the story, Jake stops phasing and becomes merely human. They move away from Forks and the story moves away from Canon AU, turning into something close to an AH fic.

Now, lately there's been some discussion about the way the author has taken the story forward, some people like it and some don't. I have to say I was never skeptical. There are so many stories stuck in the high school years that it's refreshing to see the jump to the future and how things change, even if it takes away the original 'living in the rez and hanging around with vampires'-deal.[1]

This Mortal Life was popular among fans who enjoyed the mythology of the Quileute wolf pack and Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, but never had the wide readership of some Twislash fics because Jacob was paired with an original character.


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