Thieves in Time

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Title: Thieves in Time
Publisher: Arvilla Trading Co.
Author(s): MacBeth Smith and Ophelia Jones
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Thieves in Time is a slash Blake's 7 172-page novel in the form of a series of 22 stories by MacBeth Smith and Ophelia Jones.

One piece is a Darkover crossover, and one piece may have been published in Songs of Experience.

Summaries and Descriptions

From an ad in GAZ:
When a six-year old Vila saves a six-year old Avon from kidnappers, he sets off a chain of events that leads the two through an early friendship/love affair and into space. After Gauda Prime, the two head for a planet where their love is accepted, founding a merchant dynasty that reaches across the stars. Yes, Blake, Cally, Jenna and Blake's clone play major roles.

From a flyer:

a flyer

Attention Avon/Vila Fans! Thieves in Time has it all! Mystery...romance...comedy...adventure...violence... If that isn't enough, how about a couple of cute six-year-olds named Avon and Vila meeting for the first time...Avon time traveling to the Liberator as a fourteen year old!"...

"Do we have your attention now? But wait, there's more!

THIEVES IN TIME answers these questions (and more!):

Why is Servalan's hair so short?

Where did Vila learn his trade?

How did Tynus get into the picture?

How did Avon meet an eighteen-year-old Blake?

How did Vila end up on the London?

Why did Blake save Avon from a violent encounter on the London? Did Blake really love Avon?

Who rescued Avon and Vila after Gauda Prime? Is Avon telepathic?

How does Vila get Avon into a kilt?

Avon has a daughter?

Vila has a son?

What happens when Servalan shows up 20 years later?


From the Author's Notes

First author:

"One evening, as my writing partner and I were playing yet another game of "WHAT IF," it suddenly occurred to me... Oh my God, we've created a fanzine!

Having been in various fandoms for more years than I want to think about, starting with TREK, SW, and the discovery of B7, I understood. With stories in various fanzines (under other names, of course), I knew what would happen and I warned her. She didn't believe me (heh heh).

Then, said writing partner acquire a pair of fanzines at a local CON (said zines being of the SLASH variety) and said writing partner jumped in with both feet, hands and every other body part she could fit. The rest, as they say, is history. You now hold history in your hands. ENJOY!"

Second author:

"The moral of this story, if there really needs to be one, is be careful what you buy. If you can't be careful, then at least be brief in your writing. If you can't be brief, at least have fun -- and we have! We hope you will too. Please let us know what you think of our creation....

... Thanks to our husbands who, though not understanding the attraction we had for Blake's Seven and slash, supported us anyhow, even when we decamped for Blakeland without leaving a forwarding address for the dirty dishes and the laundry to be mailed to!"

The Chapters

  • Glimpse Into the Past (1)
  • Unsafe at Any Speed (6)
  • Unchained Melody (28)
  • Freedom's Chains (43)
  • Encounter With Violence (59)
  • Safe (63)
  • .... Ever I Saw Your Face (69)
  • Boy's Night Out (73)
  • As My Lord Wishes (76)
  • Foreshadow (81)
  • Final Orbit (82)
  • Cry in the Darkness (85)
  • Out of the Darkness (94)
  • Housewarming (111)
  • Avon's Little Girl (127)
  • Treasures (132)
  • Paid in Full (144)
  • Mirrors, poem (144)
  • Reflections by Firelight (158)
  • Can You Still Hear the Silence? (162)
  • Foundling (163)
  • Into the Light (166)

Reactions and Reviews

And now, THE VERY WORST ZINE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED (I'm not going to mention Southern Comfort 7.5, the long Avon/Tarrant story in which put me off Tarrant (a character I like) for a good three weeks after I read it): THIEVES IN TIME, published by Avilla Press. An A/V slash novel that follows our heroes (and their numerous offspring) to the ends of their lives, and includes a wedding scene with Cally playing a Roberta Flack song (the lyrics to which are all included, a fanfic device I find particularly irritating, especially when I hate the song--writers should be able to get create atmosphere and generate emotion without having to lean on a popular song, or poem, written by somebody else; a tastefully chosen epigraph that comments on the story is different, but stuffing in a song or poem in order to tell the reader what the emotional timbre of the scene is, is puerile; and it's even worse when one of the *characters* is supposed to be reading or singing or thinking about this "ancient song from Earth", unless the writer has tongue firmly in somebody's cheek). THIEVES IN TIME had me laughing myself silly in between bouts of goggling with disbelief at the ever-more-amazing cliches that the writers (whose names I have forgotten) came up with. [1]
And speaking of "barf bag" stories. You A/V people can shoot me--but I frankly did not like THIEVES IN TIME. I gave my copy of TIT away because I was embarrassed to sell it, even after I paid $18 for it! (This doesn't mean it's bad; it just means I didn't like it. I really didn't.) [2]


  1. Lysator, Erszebet B, dated August 26, 1994.
  2. from Rallying Call #16