Then and Now

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Title: Then and Now
Author(s): Coral Court
Date(s): 1990
Length: 6 pages
Fandom(s): Blake's 7
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Then and Now is a Blake's 7 Jenna/Avalon story by Coral Court.

It was published in Southern Comfort #5.5.

Reactions and Reviews

A+ pairing that actually (as this fic points out) does make sense in the canon, as they do reputedly know each other. Interestingly the fic opens with Jenna observing that Avalon (like Jenna herself) wants to "rip [Blake's] clothes off and screw him right here and now" - don't think we really needed this slightly weird het framing narrative, although also... I like the idea of Avalon/Blake, too. Though obviously there's nooo evidence for it. But she's feisty and revolutionary (which he'd like) and cute as a button. Anyway, back in the past Jenna and Avalon are both sad because they hardly ever have time for romance, they escape some bounty hunters together, and end up having sex while saying things like 'I'm not usually into women!' to each other. I quite like it - but I also would have liked more from this pairing.[1]

In 'Then and Now' by Coral Court, Jenna delivers the line usually attributed to Avon - 'No commitments, no expectations. Just the way I like it' - although in A/B stories this is generally a prelude to Avon acknowledging his commitment to Blake, whereas Court's Jenna first continues to insist that her one-night stand with Avalon 'was cirumstance and need, that's all' but later, watching Avalon flirt with Blake, wonders resentfully whether either of her lovers 'ever really knew how much I gave them'.

<...> 'Then and Now', 'A Friendly Drink', 'Tangents' and 'Metaphorically Speaking' all use sex as a way of indicating different shifts in the relationship between Jenna and Cally.

<...> Apart from that, the heterocentric end of the spectrum is represented by 'Then and Now', where Avalon's disclaimer - 'I... want you to know... I don't usually do this... I mean, with another woman' - passes unquestioned by Jenna and the author.[2]

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