A Friendly Drink

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Title: A Friendly Drink
Author(s): J.D. Reese
Date(s): 1990
Length: nine pages
Genre: femmeslash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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A Friendly Drink is a Blake's 7 Cally/Jenna story by J.D. Reese.

It was published in Southern Comfort #5.5.

Reactions and Reviews

Femslash! I didn't know it was femslash when I began though because it doesn't say at the top of the fic, so it took me ages to work out whether it was a B/J or A/J or, indeed, C/J fic. I don't understand the opening and how Avon annoys Jenna (by saying that Blake is not that interested in Jenna or something?) and then some more things happen that I also don't entirely understand - C and J save V from a bar fight, and then they come back to the Liberator and have 'we're friends not lovers' sex while J is drunk. That part's quite nice. But I don't understand Jenna's emotional state for most of it. [1]


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