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Name: Hawk's Archive / The Archives
Date(s): June 1995 - August 8, 1996
Archivist: Hawk
Founder: Hawk
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: X-Men
URL:[Dead link]
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The Archives was an archive for X-Men fanfiction.

"With the permission of the authors, Hawk stored a bunch of your favorite X-related stories on this site. It is no longer being updated, but is still a HUGE listing of stories." [1]

While frequently referred to by X-Men fans active in the '90s, there are unfortunately no other traces left of Hawk's archive online.

"June 1995: Hawk's X-Men Archive opens, creating the first big X-Men archive on the web, accepting all X-Men stories posted on ACFF until June 1996. The first story archived was RubyLis's "End of Innocence". Hawk's X-Men Archive closed on August 8, 1996."[2]


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