The You In You

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Title: The You in You
Author(s): Diosa
Date(s): 2004
Length: 38 (of 57 total) chapters
Genre: comedy
Fandom: Hanson
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The You in You is an unfinished Hanson fanfic by Diosa.

The story centers around a Freaky Friday style plot. After being forced to attend a regular (albeit private) high school, Taylor makes a wish to be closer to a gorgeous, popular girl he meets at a party. At the same time, a new girl to the school wishes to be closer to a friend of Taylor's. The two swap bodies and spend the rest of the story (which is not posted in full, although it was completed) trying to switch back.

Reactions and Reviews

Of course, the biggest flaw of The You In You is that it was never posted in full. What is posted is a pretty good story, although some chapters do drag on a bit. If you can get through the beginning, you’re in for some comedy gold with more than a few nods to the fandom, hanfic and even a few incest jokes (which are always a plus in my book).[1]
Diosa is new to the scene. The stories aren’t actually that new, but the site is brand spanking new. Some of us have had the pleasure to be on a writing group with her and have been enjoying her stories for a couple years. But, now, you’re all in luck! She’s got a site now, and for me, her stuff is must-read in the New School area. Hair Like Fire is so very, very different. Don’t miss it because it seems weird—it’s fantastic story-telling in the most AU Hanson story I think I’ve ever come across! And then, there’s her masterpiece The You in You. Oh man, it’s so funny, and so well told—don’t stop after two chapters and tell me it’s not funny. She lets you get to know the characters first. Really, that helps a story be good! I feel like an elementary school teacher… I’m going to predict this one will be a classic![2]


The You in You won awards in the Various Artists Awards, and is featured in both the and Various Artists halls of fame.


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