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You may be looking for The STW Editors and Writers Exchange.

Title: The Writers' Exchange
Publisher: publication of National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F)
Editor(s): founder: Lorraine Bartlett, current editor: Joy Beeson
Date(s): 1991-2009
Medium: print, online
Fandom: multimedia
External Links: bulletin board update page from editor
on Live Journal
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The Writers' Exchange has the full title: "The Writers' Exchange Bulletin." It is a multifandom writers' support group that started as print and went online. There are at least 62 print issues as of 2005. It was available on the internet/user group (correct terminology?) with at least issue 60. The Live Journal site was updated last in 2009.

From the editor: "The Writers' Exchange is one of the bureaus of the N3F. Members of the exchange read and comment on each other's manuscripts. When you join the exchange, the bureau head (currently Joy Beeson) sends you a list of the members — each member has included a brief description of himself — and you make your own arrangements."


From an ad in the July 1993 issue of GAZ: "A quarterly letterzine devoted (but not limited) to fannish writers and writing. It's an open dialog between writers, editors, publishers, and interested fans. It. contains letters, reviews, articles and interviews by and with experienced fan (and professional) writers. (Just about anything will be considered asl long as it relates to writing.) "

From an ad in The Monthly in 1995: "A quarterly letterzine devoted (but not limited) to fannish writing, editing, publishing. Includes articles, letters, opinions, reviews. You're invited to share your views on fannish writing/editing/publishing. Issue #1 costs only 32¢ (or a stamp). Issues 2-14 are available at $2 each. SASE for contents."

From an ad in The Monthly in 1996: "A bi-monthly letterzine has changed its focus. While it's made of fannish devotees, we're no longer limited to fannish writing, editing and publishing. Are you hoping to make the jump from amateur to professional writer? Then join our desktop discussions."

Fan Reaction

From a review written in 1994: "...discussions on ghostwriting vs. editing, when it's acceptable to change something without the author's input, pet grammar peeves, and such. There was also an informative 4-part primer on Guns and Gunpowder..." ~from Morgan Dawn's notes, accessed December 15, 2010.