The STW Editors and Writers Exchange

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Name: The STW Editors and Writers Exchange
Members: moderated by Carol Ann Lee and STW
Date(s): around 1977 or 1978
Focus: hooking up ST writers and artists and editors
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
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The STW Editors and Writers Exchange was a service run by fans for fans through the Star Trek Welcommittee. An article in A Piece of the Action #59 mentions that it is "back in business," so it predates early 1978.

"ATTENTION AUTHORS & EDITORS: 'The STW Editors and Writers Exchange' is back in business! The Exchange maintains two lists: one of Editors seeking material for their publications and one of Writers wisning to have their stories published. Anyone wanting to participate should send a large SASE for the appropriate questionaire. Please be specific as to whether you are an Author, an Editor, or both. When the questionaire is returned to the Exchange, Authors and Editors will be included on their respective lists. Authors will be sent the most recent Editors list and Editors the listing of Writers. There is a listing fee of a large SASE plus two first class stamps to keep you on the list a year. Every three months there are updates you can obtain by sending a large SASE. Remember, it is up to the individual Editor or Author to contact directly those persons they wish to follow through with. AUTHORS PLEASE NOTE: Do not send any stories to the Exchange, as the E&WE does not review manuscripts. Star Trek fanzines are great fun, as well as a learning experience for all involved and a source of contact with many dedicated Trek fans." [1]

An announcement in APOTA #83 notes that it is reorganizing in to one new department called "The Editors and Contributors Exchange," or the "ECE." "It's purpose is to establish and maintain a clearinghouse where artists, calligraphers, and writers seeking publication, and editors seeking contributions, can get in touch with each other."


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