The Wizard of Ozaka

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Anime Music Video
Title: The Wizard of Ozaka
Creator: Suberunker Studeosh
Date: 1 July 2005
Format: AVI
Length: 3:29 min
Music: Chicken Run Main Title, John Powell and Harry Gregson-Williams
Category: parody, humour
Fandom: multifandom
Footage: digital
URL: The Wizard of Ozaka at (Info & Download)
The Wizard of Ozaka at (Streaming)

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The Wizard of Ozaka is a multifandom AMV narrating the basic plot of The Wizard of Oz by way of combining footage from several animes with the gameplay and interface of an early 90s JRPG.

It is extremely clever, using characters and footage from popular anime to create allusions and working towards a couple of hilarious punchlines.

The song used is an instrumental and taken from the Chicken Run soundtrack.


The video is framed as a typical mid-90s Square Enix RPG, (the title screen segues into "Circle Enyx presents"); from its interface to typical fetch quests ("Scarecrow requests: Brain") to interrogating NPCs ("Pro Tip: Talk to all villagers") to the turn-based fight sequence ("+1 Daydreaming!"), complete with a fancy Summon spell (one of the funniest moments of the video), it is recreating the old-school JRPG experience faithfully enough to be incredibly recognizable to fans. It doesn't hurt that the RPG screen texts are tongue-in-cheek allusions ("Go to: Aeris' Grave *spoiler*").

In short: it is a very loving parody.

The "RPG party" is compiled from various sources and often carefully masked (i.e. cut out from the original source and inserted into the new frame) to appear together inside one screen. The list, including notes from the creator can be viewed on the video's page.

Dorothy Kasuga Ayumu ("Osaka") Azumanga Daioh
The Scarcrow Luffy Onepiece
The Tinman Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist
The Cowardly Lion Kon Bleach
The Wicked Witch Tanizaki Yukari Azumanga Daioh
Scary Wizard of Oz Hikari Gendo Neon Genesis Evangelion
Actual Wizard of Oz Hikari Shinji Neon Genesis Evangelion


The AMV won the following awards:

  • Anime Expo 2005: Best in Show, Best Comedy, Fan Favorite [1]
  • Otakon 2005: Best Humorous/Satirical
  •'s 2006 Viewer's Choice Awards: Most Original Video [2]


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