The Wizard's Knob

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Title: The Wizard's Knob
Editor(s): see below
Date(s): 1993-2000
Medium: print
Size: A5
Fandom: Discworld
Language: English
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The Wizard's Knob is a gen Discworld anthology with fourteen issues. It has the subtitle: "The Terry Pratchett Magazine." The cover name was shortened to "TWK" on issue #8. The name of the zine comes from the song, "A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob On The End." All issues were A5 except the fourth issue, which was A4. Issues 1 -2 edited by John Penney and David Baxter, issues 3-5 edited by John Penney, issues 6-14 edited by Steven Dean.

Some content in unknown issues:

  • Nanny Ogg's songs as filks
  • a round robin called "Flipside," features the city of Venialli, famed for its open sewers canals.

Issue 1

Wizard's Knob 1 was published in Summer 1993.

Issue 2

Wizard's Knob 2 was published in Autumn 1993.

Issue 3

Wizard's Knob 3 was published in Autum/Winter 1994 (sic, though this may be intentional seeing how "Home, Sweat Home" is spelled.). It contains 44 pages.

Issue 4

Wizard's Knob 4 was published in Summer 1995.

Issue 5

Wizard's Knob 5 was published in Spring 1996.

Issue 6

Wizard's Knob 6 was published in Summer 1996.

Issue 7

Wizard's Knob 7 was published in Winter 1996/97 and contains 39 pages.

  • Includes a separate supplement: "Annotated Pratchett - 'The Light Fantastic' "

Issue 8

Wizard's Knob 8 was published in Summer 1997.

Issue 9

Wizard's Knob 9 was published in Autumn/Winter 1997.

Issue 10

Wizard's Knob 10 was published in Spring/Summer 1998.

Issue 11

Wizard's Knob 11 was published in Autumn 1998.

Issue 12

Wizard's Knob 12 was published in Spring 1999.

Issue 13

Wizard's Knob 13 was published in Summer 1999 and contains 39 pages.

  • Includes a separate supplement: "Annotated Pratchett - 'Guards! Guards!' "

Issue 14

Wizard's Knob 14 was published in Early 2000.