The Wichita Zone

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Title: The Wichita Zone
Editor(s): Bruce Moxley & Sandy Goodall
Date(s): 1984
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: William Shatner & multimedia
Language: English
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The Wichita Zone is a gen fiction zine. The first issue was one that was dedicated to characters portrayed by William Shatner. The second issue has a broader scope.

Issue 1

The Wichita Zone 1 was published in October 1983. The art is by Sandy Goodall and Bruce Moxley.

front cover of issue #1
  • Instinct by Sandy Goodall ("Hooker receives an anonymous phone call in the middle of the night. His instinct tells him it is not a crank call.") (T.J. Hooker) (1)
  • Trivia (Nick of Time) (5)
  • Cross-beamed by Bruce Moxley ("Just how did Admiral Kirk end up in Mork's living room and did Kirk ever find Roxanne?") (Mork and Mindy) (6)
  • Trivia (T.J. Hooker) (7)
  • Twice Upon a Time by Sandy Goodall ("Fifteen years ago Don and Pat Carter escaped the Twilight Zone in "The Nick of Time." Will they be able to do so again on their return visit?") (The Twilight Zone) (8)
  • Trivia (Columbo) (13)
  • Phone Call by Bruce Moxley ("A dialogue between Hooker and Romano.") (T.J. Hooker) (14)
  • Earthbound, poem by Sandy Goodall (Star Trek) (15)
  • Disguises by Sandy Goodall ("An adventure set during the 1870's. Jeff Cable creates an unusual disguise to learn the identity of a crime czar.") (Barbary Coast) (16)
  • Spider!, poem by Sandy Goodall (Kingdom of the Spiders) (29)
  • Trivia Answers (30)
  • Concerto by Bruce Moxley ("Surprises are in store for the crew of the Enterprise when a special concert performance of Federation music is included in their mission.") (Star Trek) (31)
  • Trivia by Sandy Goodall (Nightmare at 20,000 Feet) (43)
  • Fran by Sandy Goodall and Bruce Moxley ("How much more anguish can or will Hooker's wife take?") (T.J. Hooker) (44)
  • Expectations by Bruce Moxley ("A poem from the thoughts of Dr. Jeff Benedict.") (The Babysitter) (47)
  • The Breakdown by Bruce Moxley ("Robert Wilson's first venture into the Twilight Zone. A prequel to "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet."") (The Twilight Zone) (48)

Issue 2

The Wichita Zone 2 was published in 1984.

  • Dykaar's Revenge -- an escaped prisoner from an Imperial workcamp finally gets the best of Han Solo
  • To Ride a Unicorn -- Starbuck searches for a missing viper pilot
  • The Thetis Incident -- Kirk's companion is murdered
  • possible other content