The Universe Hates You

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Mailing List
Name: The Universe Hates You, TUHY
Date(s): 2002 - 2006
Moderated: Viridian5
Founder(s): Viridian5
Fandom: Andromeda (TV show)
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The Universe Hates You was a Yahoo! Groups e-mail list started June 13, 2002 for Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (TV show) fan discussion and slash, gen, and het fics.

The mailing list was most active from 2002-2005; 2005 is the year the show ended. This was a point in time when many fans started turning away from e-mail lists.

Name of Group

The name of the group comes from this quote from the show by Seamus Zelazny Harper: "The universe hates you. Deal with it."


From the list moderator: "The universe hates you, (but don't take it personally).... In the absence of an Andromeda discussion list that I felt comfortable in, I started my own. We're open to gen and slash stories, any pairing, but especially open to discussion of the show, its universe, its characters, and show-related news. Not that I wouldn't appreciate "boys/girls pretty" discussion. Shallow is fine--I live in the gutter some weeks--as long as that's not all there is. I can get stories on other lists; what I'm thirsting for most here is talk."

Fun Facts

Its first post was a "testing" e-mail from the founder/moderator, who wanted to make sure things were working, offered virtual Sparky colas for all, and failed to avoid using Dylan Hunt's favorite quote of "Let's bring it." The last post was the slash fic "Insight" by founder/moderator Viridian5 in 2007.

Fanwork Examples