The Snake's Quill

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Title: The Snake's Quill
Publisher: Sectus
Editor(s): Sarelle Mather, Publications Editor
Date(s): September 2006-July 2007
Medium: ezine
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: archived website
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The Snake's Quill is an online newsletter released in connection with the 2007 Sectus fan convention. 6 issues were published between September 2006- and July 2007, averaging approximately 8 pages each. The newsletter was made available in PDF form on the Sextus website.

September 2006

The September 2006 edition contains 8 pages. This sample issue of the Snake's Quill can be viewed as a PDF here.

November 2006

cover of Nov 2006 issue

The November 2006 issue contains 12 pages and the following contents:

  • The Tri-London Tournament, the centrepiece of the conference, and Not the Yule Ball.
  • Book Aid International, our affiliated charity.
  • How to order your Sectus t-shirt.
  • Extending your stay in London.
  • Academic programming at Sectus.
  • How you can have your fanfiction acted out on a Podcast.
  • The Sectus Charity Art Gallery

Christmas 2006 Edition

cover of the Christmas 2006 edition

The Christmas 2006 edition contains 4 pages.

January 2007

cover Jan 2007

The January 2007 issue contains 16 pages and the following contents:

  • An exclusive interview with Lexicon founder Steve Vander Ark.
  • Booking info for the Medieval Banquet
  • News, including the venue change and a guest speaker announcement. Colin Manlove, renowned children's literature expert
  • Information about accommodation, including a new budget option.
  • Part one of a series London on a Budget. In this issue, entertaining yourselves without raiding Gringotts.
  • An interview with Sectus' Concept Artist, lizardspots, who talks about her involvement in fandom and her predictions for Book 7.

March 2007

May 2007

July 2007