The Slayer Ring

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Name: The Slayer Ring
Date Founded: active in 2000
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: (Wayback)
Slayer Ring.gif

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The Slayer Ring is a "webring for all Angel & Buffy sites that were well-thought out and have more than the usual links, webrings, awards, episode guides, and banner exchanges."

You get the point. I made it that way, so that anyone who wanted to go to the next Buffy page found a website that was interesting and worth their time. I am very aware that Buffy in Paradise is urging their members to not join any imitation sites. The Slayer Ring is NOT one of those sites. This is just a webring for all good sites - not elite, A+ layout, design, & content sites. We accept websites who have a lot of potential or are on their way to becoming very high quality BtVS sites.

Member Sites