The Slash Debate

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Event: The Slash Debate
Date(s): December 2009-into the spring of 2010
Fandom: M/M pro romance novels, slash fic
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The Slash Debate was sparked by a December 2009 article called Man on Man: The New Gay Romance... which was published in the L.A. Weekly by Gendy Alimurun.

While the article was a fairly standard one on this topic, it became a huge flashpoint for fans discussing the legitimacy and appeal of slash fiction writing, female desire, disenfranchisement, cultural appropriation, and more.

Topics discussed in the article were professional m/m romance, its appeal and popularity, and its roots in slash fic. It also had statements that reminded some fans of the McCaffrey Tent Peg Statement.

The resulting debate has been called "The Slash Debate," somewhat of a misnomer due to the fact that this discussion wasn't "the" slash debate insomuch it was one in a long, long line of "slash debates."

This debate occurred shortly after RaceFail '09 and LambdaFail.

For additional context, see Timeline of Slash Meta and Slash Meta.

Some Topics Discussed

  • Women and Slash
  • people telling other people how and what to write, people telling women they couldn't write about men
  • the use of pseuds, women using male pseuds
  • m/m pro novels
  • are men abusing their privilege in telling women what they should or shouldn't be allowed to write
  • m/m slash fic
  • a lot of talk about "the gays"
  • impatience with the gender binary tone
  • the queerness of fandom
  • cultural appropriation, does slash appropriate gay men for the sexual gratification of women
  • does slash have a duty to depict "real" gay life
  • Slash vs. Gay
  • much more

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