The Shephards

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Title: The Shephards: Stories of Jack and Claire
Publisher: crickets
Editor(s): kmousie
Date(s): 2010
Medium: ezine
Size: digest sized
Fandom: Lost
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The Shephards: Stories of Jack and Claire is a het and slash anthology e-zine that focuses on the Jack Shephard and Claire Littleton pairing but also featured Jack/Sawyer and Jack/Claire/Sawyer. It may be the only Lost fanzine published. It has 128 pages and contains 38 stories and 25 graphics by 14 authors & artists. The zine features color intensive pages designed to be viewed online or on a computer. It is offered in both PDF format (double spread and single digest sized pages) as well as part of an online slideshow.

sample interior page with intensive color art

Artist Contributors

Jack/Claire stories

  • the second time around; by gigglemonster
  • shadows and heat; by hitlikehammers
  • in any other world; by Angela Weber
  • here is the tabernacle reconstructed; by ozmissage
  • the hole in the universe; by crickets
  • love, lost; by holycitygirl
  • birds are singing to calm us down; by missy useless
  • reflections; by hitlikehammers*
  • the blood of prophets; by hesperia*
  • until we bleed; by angela weber
  • who is the lamb?; by crickets
  • vacation; by toestastegood*
  • fall apart again; by hitlikehammers
  • love rescue me; by holycitygirl
  • maybe you'll always be just a little out of reach; by slybrunette*
  • eden; by ozmissage
  • le temps à l'envers; by crickets
  • sunset soon forgotten; by angela weber*
  • childproof world; by missy useless
  • oh sister, oh sister, let’s walk the seashore; by slybrunette
  • ghosts in flesh and blood; by lenina20
  • love in a fallen city; by holycitygirl
  • we've been recycled; by missy useless*
  • every road takes us farther from home; by crickets

stories about; claire/jack/sawyer

  • you wrote our names down on the sidewalk but the rain came and washed ‘em off; by slybrunette
  • i’ll slay all our dragons, win all our wars; by ozmissage
  • we swallow the shine of the sun; by gigglemonster
  • the birds won’t sing; by crickets
  • unfinished business; by ozmissage*
  • so you’re gone and i’m haunted; by hesperia
  • when you’re dead; by slybrunette
  • dust in our lungs; by missy useless
  • goodbye and keep cold; by hesperia
  • and life is wine; by crickets

stories about; claire/sawyer

  • at night we fly above this town; by gigglemonster

stories about; jack/sawyer

  • ignition; by gigglemonster
  • oversoul; by hitlikehammers

stories about; claire

  • pixie dust; by hitlikehammers