Seventh Dimension

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Name: Seventh Dimension
Date(s): 1997 - 2007
Archivist: Ann F.
Type: Fan Fiction Archive
Fandom: Highlander
URL: (Wayback link)
Main page 1999
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Seventh Dimension was the second general archive for Highlander fandom. It was founded in 1997.[1] It was preceded by the HLFIC-L mailing list archive, and succeeded by Highlander Fiction.

Ann F. ran the archive. It was last updated on October 10, 2007, but had stopped being regularly updated sometime in 2006. The page was a member of the Highlander Fanfic Webring and the Highlander Web Ring. As of July 7th, 2016, the URL is dead.

If it weren't for the Seventh Dimension archive, some stories would have completely disappeared from the web by now. One example is the Duncan/Methos classic Still-Heart by Sleeps With Coyotes. They may be gone forever, now.

Fan Comments

This is the ultimate Highlander fanfiction archive. Everything HL-related is archived here, old and new. While not updated frequently, what updates there are tend to be in bulk with dozens of new stories added at a time. 7thDim also provides useful services to new readers and authors, as well as an extensive links section to other fanfiction sources. And the archive is huge, extensively categorized, and indexed so that you can easily spend days happily browsing the collection--and barely put a dent into the number of stories there are to read! [2]
From Chelle's Nightstand:
Seventh Dimension - If you're a regular reader of HL fic, then you probably know all about this archive. It is the premier archive for Highlander fic on the net, including gen, het, and slash all in one place.[3]


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