The Sentinel Big Bang

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Name: The Sentinel Big Bang
Date(s): 2010-2017?
Moderator(s): briarwood, pattrose
Type: Challenge, Big Bang
Fandom: The Sentinel
Associated Community: LJ comm
URL: website
banner advertising the 2011 Big Bang, artist: snailbones
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The The Sentinel Big Bang was first run in 2010, and continued to run until 2017 with one or more "bangs" each year.

In 2018 it went on hiatus. According to the site[1], they plan to come back eventually[2] .

The first challenge produced a total of 14 fics. Stories must be over 10,000 words. Fans can sign up to be 'cheerleaders' or fan artists. The role of the 'cheerleader' overlaps slightly with the traditional role of a beta reader; however there do not appear to be any beta services offered as part of the big Bang. [3] No RPF or underage fiction is permitted. The writing is scheduled so that fans can auction off their stories for the yearly Moonridge charity auction.[4] The schedule runs from March (writer sign-ups) to October (story posting begins).


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