The Scratch Man

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Name: The Scratch Man
Alias(es): thescratchman, TSM, freedomworm
Type: fan writer, fanartist
Fandoms: X-Men, Supernatural, Homestuck, MCU, Avengers, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Losers, Need for Speed
URL: The Scratch Man at FanFiction.Net
thescratchman at LiveJournal
TheScratchMan at DeviantArt
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The Scratch Man (TSM, thescratchman) is a fanfiction writer. As of 2017, she has 39 stories on FanFiction.Net.

The Scratch Man's first X-Men fanfiction was published on December 28, 2010. It was originally titled 'X-Men: A Winter Wonderland', but the title was later changed to 'X-men: the Lonely Hearts Club' as the story progressed from fluff to a deeper plotted one.

The Scratch Man is a slasher, and writes the older X-men pairings of Chamber/Gambit and Iceman/Northstar the most.