The Same Everywhere

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Title: The Same Everywhere
Author(s): Jane Mortimer
Date(s): 08 March 1997
Length: 13,710 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: The Same Everywhere (author's page, via Wayback)

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The Same Everywhere is a Mulder/Krycek story by Jane Mortimer.

The story was posted in four parts to the newsgroup on 08 March 1997 (or 09 March 1997, accounting for time zone differences) by Marita, who wrote: "I did not write this. I am merely fulfilling my duties as the Slash Fairy, delivering joy to the girls and boys of the world. This is a truly exceptional story. Jane is a godess among slash writers, and this is her first story posted to a.t.x.c. Enjoy."[1]

Description from the author's site: "My first dip into the slash pool. My corruption continued."[2]

The story and its sequel The Hand We Were Dealt were the winner of the 1997 Whammy Awards in the category 'Best Series Fanfic'.

Recs and Reviews

Mulder/Krycek. A not-so-classic X-File involving alien possession. Beautifully written, this story takes a hard look at the price of obsession.[3]


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