The Same Everywhere

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Title: The Same Everywhere
Author(s): Jane Mortimer
Date(s): 08 March 1997
Length: 13,710 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: The Same Everywhere (author's page, via Wayback)

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The Same Everywhere is a Mulder/Krycek story by Jane Mortimer.

The story was posted in four parts to the newsgroup on 8 March 1997 (or 9 March 1997, accounting for time zone differences) by Marita, who wrote: "I did not write this. I am merely fulfilling my duties as the Slash Fairy, delivering joy to the girls and boys of the world. This is a truly exceptional story. Jane is a godess among slash writers, and this is her first story posted to a.t.x.c. Enjoy."[1]

Description from the author's site: "My first dip into the slash pool. My corruption continued."[2]

The story and its sequel The Hand We Were Dealt were the winner of the 1997 Whammy Awards in the category 'Best Series Fanfic'.

Recs and Reviews

Mulder/Krycek. A not-so-classic X-File involving alien possession. Beautifully written, this story takes a hard look at the price of obsession.[3]


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