The Ravenbell Awards

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Name: The Ravenbell Awards
Date(s): January 2015
Frequency: Once
Format: Popular Vote
Type: fanfiction, fan creators
Associated Community:
Fandom: The 100
URL: ravenbellawards-blog
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The Ravenbell Awards were awards recognizing fan creators within The 100 fandom who were dedicated to the pairing of Bellamy Blake/Raven Reyes, also known as Ravenbell. The awards occurred only once in 2015, the nominees were nominated by fans and winners was determined by online vote.


Favourite Gif Maker

  • Winner: bravenlarked (currently aromanticlexa)
  • Runners up: fcollins and thebloodwhisperer

Favourite Graphics Maker

  • Winner: bellamying
  • Runners up: manycoloureddays and octaviaing

Favourite Meta Writer

  • Winner: magalimoons
  • Runners up: thebloodwhisperer and semelewriter

Favourite Fanfic Author

  • Winner: semelewriter
  • Runner up: youcallitwinter

Best Fanfiction

(all tied for first place!)

Best Tags

  • Winner: magalimoons
  • Runner up: bellamying

Funniest/Sassiest Blogger

  • Winner: bellamying
  • Runner up: space-lion

Friendliest/Most Supportive Blogger

  • Winners: la-petite-fadette and semelewriter
  • Runner up: bellamying

Best Ravenbell Blog

  • Winner: ravnreyes
  • Runner up: bellamying