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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: Pilgrim Soul
Author(s): MJ Lee
Date(s): August 2000 or before
Length: ~7,200 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, AU
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: Pilgrim Soul (Necessary Whispers)
Pilgrim Soul (The Dark Vault)

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Pilgrim Soul is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan AU by MJ Lee. The story has sequel called A Heaven in Hell's Despair.

Summary: A chance encounter at a quiet roadside inn changes the lives of a Roman general and a young slave.

Author's notes:
Notes: Hmm, it wasn't until I'd all but finished this fic that I suddenly realised the similarities to Layna's wonderful 'Buying Trouble.' However, I hope that everyone will agree that the resemblance is very superficial once you start reading it. I guess there is just something so irresistible at the thought of Qui as a Roman <g>.

While this was supposed to be just a tiny ObiChan ficlet - my very first too - like most things I write the damn thing persisted in developing a neo-plot and yes, I do have some thoughts of possible future stories. [...] Many warm thanks go to Raven, Res and Eil for swift and invaluable betaing!

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Non-graphic rape and implied sexual abuse. No spoilers, very AU.

Recs and Reviews

An extremely seductive AU in which the Roman General Quintus Gaius meets a young Celtic slave named Benion. Beautifully written, with elegant prose and stunning imagery, this is one of my favorite AU's in any fandom.[1]
In every universe, Xanatos' love for his master twists and turns on itself -- even where he is a Tribune to General Quintus Gaius, in A Heaven in Hell's Despair by MJLee. (Or start with the first story, Pilgrim Soul.)[2]


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