The Nimoy Award

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Name: The Nimoy Award
Date(s): 1967-?
Frequency: annually
Associated Community: Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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The Nimoy Award was given to a fan who had been the "most active" in Star Trek: TOS fandom that year.

Leonard Nimoy hands the 1967 award to Nancyann Hiera -- photo from the May 1968 "Star Parade Magazine"

Leonard Nimoy gave the 1967 award, the first one, to Nancyann Hiera.

Hiera's Recollections Printed in Spock's People

Sunday morning I received two phone calls from Leonard, saying that my staff members and I should come to his hotel sometime between 12:15 and 12:30. He would be able to visit with us for a short time. After telling this good news to the staff -- Jackie Rizzo, Elizabeth Pawlik, and Janet Janis -- we grabbed our cameras and made it down to the hotel, jangled nerves and all! When we got there (after meeting some opposition by the Gestapo representative at the desk), Leonard came down and we presented him with a golden rubber plucked chicken -- the "Henny Award." (It was a pun on his nomination for the Emmy Award.) No sooner had we given him the chicken adn the plaque, than he turned around and handed me a plaque! It read, "The Nimoy Award, 1967, to Miss Nancyann Hiera from the LNNAF." What's a Nimoy Award? Well, it's an award presented each year by the Leonard Nimoy National Association of Fans to the most active member. I'm still wondering how I got it...

Hiera's Recollections Printed in "Star Parade Magazine" (May 1968)

The bulk of the magazine article [in "Star Parade Magazine"] consists of Hiera's long letter to Vickers, thanking her for the honor.

Here are some excerpts from that letter: "Oh, Peggye, how can I thank you?!! Receiving the Nimoy Award is one of the most thrilling things that has ever happened to me! I really don't know how to tell you how happy you've made me! THANK YOU, OH THANK YOU SO MUCH, PEGGYE!!!"

"After a short wait, in which we had chewed our fingernails down to the third knuckle, an elevator door opened, and we all looked up — it was him! He was wearing a dark suit with a kind of turtle neck affair. A tremendous black cape was slung over his arm. We were all sitting on a small red velvet couch when he approached us. We all froze, and as a result, we probably had expressions on our faces akin to the Three Stooges." "With that, I placed in his hands a rubber plucked chicken, guilded for the occasion, and a plaque which read, 'To Leonard Nimoy goes the coveted HENNY AWARD, 1967.' He was chuckling warmly, and it was at this time that he acquired our new nick name for him, which is 'Dimples.' (It's not too hard to figure out...)"

"...he looked at me and asked somewhat teasingly, 'Do you know what the Nimoy Award is?' I nearly started to cry." [1]


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