The New Fan Fiction Adventures of Sinbad

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Name: The New Fan Fiction Adventures of Sinbad
Archivist: Felicia Dai
Founder: Kelly
Type: fanfiction, virtual season
Fandom: The Adventures of Sinbad
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The New Fan Fictions Adventures of Sinbad is a fanfiction archive for a The Adventures of Sinbad virtual season [1]. While it shared some writers and editors with The Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction Seasons, it was its own separate continuity that picked up that picks up where the canon season two left off. The collection's executive producer was Kelly, who was also the head of the show's fan club for an unspecified period of time.[2]

This collection was originally archived on its own Geocities site, but was later moved to the The Great Library of Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction archive following the closure of free Geocities sites in 2009.[3]

As described by the Great Library:

The project was lighter compared to the other fan fiction season project and tried to stick closer to Ed's outline right off the bat. The project ended after just twelve episodes. A unique element of this project was that instead of showcasing previous episodes during rerun weeks, the team wrote fan fiction adapatations of episodes from the first and second season, which included The Bully, Castle Keep and Hell House. [4]


Episode 1: Forgotten Memories

Episode 2: The Fever of Anorka - Part 1

Episode 3: The Fever of Anorka - Part 2

Episode 4: Remember When...

Episode 5: A Comedy of Eros

Episode 6: Trapped

Episode 7: Sinbad Who?

Episode 8: Which Witch is Which?

Episode 9: Memories Best Forgotten

Episode 10: Insisto Avalonis

Episode 11: Blood Ties

Episode 12: The Cult


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