The Great Library of Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction

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Name: The Great Library of Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction
Date(s): ?
Archivist: Felicia Dai
Founder: Susanna
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: The Adventures of Sinbad
URL: (archived in the Wayback Machine)
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The Great Library of Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction was an archive for The Adventures of Sinbad fanfiction[1].


Stories in the archive were labeled S1 if they focused on Maeve, S2 if they focused on Bryn or "neither" if they focused on the show's male characters. Some stories featured both Bryn and Maeve, and were noted as B/M, although this does not necessarily imply shipping between those characters.

Unfortunately, many stories hosted by the Great Library are no longer available online, as they were not captured by the Wayback Machine before the site went down. Stories hosted by the Great Library included:[2]

21st Century (S1) by Kelly(aka Dabnis): The Nomad crew travel forward in time to present day Canada to help a group of people fight off a group of warriors using 5th century weapons.

A Bottle of Emotions (S1) by Janey: A visit to an island, a spell woven by Rumina and Dim-Dim's help, let Maeve and Sinbad finally reveal their feelings to each other.

A Candle in the Dark (S1) by Shelley: After Sinbad falls from a cliff, Dermott helps guide him back to the crew by telling him about himself and why Sinbad can hear him mindspeak.

A Chance Encounter (neither) by Unknown: While shopping alone, Firouz has some very unusual encounters with people from different lands and times. He tries to figure it out from a scientific standpoint, but only ends up getting more confused.

A Clash of Swords and Heroes (S1) by Stephen Looney: Sinbad and crew meet up with Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer. A meeting that first is confrontational, but they soon find they need to join forces to fight a common enemy.

A Confession from the Heart(S1) by Ldy Susana. Story/song.

A Death in the Family (S1) by Alana: An old adversary named Rook and some magic by Rumina lead the men of the crew to believe Sinbad was killed by Rook in a duel to save Firouz. But Maeve sees through the deception and the crew race to find the real Sinbad before they really do lose him.

A Door Unlocks (S2) by M: An AoS/Xmen crossover. Bryn helps a group of people on a mission in the Arabian desert. (Continued in The Door Creeks Open

A Fate Worse Than Death (S2) A whirlpool mysteriously brings the Nomad crew face to face with another crew, on a ship exactly like the Nomad. The crew, called Adventurers help Sinbad and crew face "cancellation" by the evil pirates Buggersnots. A Love For Adventure (S1) by Kelly: The past and present meet when a vortex appears on the set of Sinbad and Zen Gesner takes a trip through time and ends up on the real Nomad, face to face with the real Sinbad and crew.

A Love Sacrificed (S1) by Shania: Maeve's news that she was pregnant with Sinbad's baby is turned sour when Sinbad is reunited with his first love, Leah. Maeve is heartbroken and sneaks away during a celebration.

A Mother's Love (S2) by "M": Sinbad puzzles over his last encounter with Scratch and all the things that Mala told him. When Doubar finally tells Sinbad who Mala is, Sinbad finds himself again at her side as she gives him some more clues to his past, and why she didn't tell him who she was before.

A Page in the Life of Sinbad (S1) by Shelley: A missing headband, a string of mishaps and 3 oversized princesses create a headache of a voyage for Sinbad, much to the amusement of the rest of the crew.

A Place Impossible to Find (S1) by Shelley: Maeve is kidnapped by Rumina when the crew lands on an island. While Rumina tries to convince Maeve that Sinbad and Dermott are dead, the crew try to find Maeve.

A Promise Fulfilled (S1) by Sinbad: Rongar is bitten by a poisonous snake and before he dies, he asks Sinbad to bring him his daughter from Basra. Sinbad fulfils the request and reunites Rongar with his daughter just before he dies. He also fulfills another request of Rongar's…to proclaim his love to Maeve.

A Prophecy Fulfilled (B/M) by WMM: Part 3 of trilogy where Sinbad discovers that Maeve and Bryn are sisters and he learns all about his past, and has a final encounter with Scratch in order to save his family. (See For Whom I Love for the start of the trilogy).

A Restful Day (S2) by "M": A evening of R&R;, and an elegant ball, bring Sinbad and Bryn together for a dance. But when a tall red head walks by, Bryn is ready to leave and is surprised when Sinbad decides to stay and stop chasing memories. As the two dance the night away, Sinbad's parents look down on them.

A Rose By Any Other Name (S1) by Shelley: A trip to save an infected village, bring Sinbad and Talia face to face. To repay Talia for saving his life, Sinbad goes off with her to get the Star Ruby for an evil King so that Talia's crew can be set free.

A Sea of Angels (S1) by Shelley: A little by magic by Caipra allows Sinbad to read minds. But an accident at sea tosses Sinbad overboard. A creature pulls him down below the sea to safety, but the crew thinks he's dead. While Sinbad tries to understand the mystery the creature is telling him, Maeve keeps a vigil to watch for Sinbad.

A Tale Is to Tell What Is Told (S1) by WMM: Sinbad and crew are asked to come to Italy where the Prince makes an unusual request. Would Maeve play the lead in a play written by a friend of his, Shakespeare, called Romeo and Juliet. But not all is as it seems and the crew try to figure out exactly what is going on with the play.

A Tale of a Secret Past (B/M) by "M": Maeve and Bryn tell the crew of their past and its near the end that Sinbad begins to remember his connection to the two sorceress'. (Part 2 of M's trilogy that starts with For Whom I Love).

A Tale of Two Sinbad's (S1) by Johinsa: The Locket of Transformation sends the crew to an alternate world where Sinbad's double is alive, and the crew are lead to believe that their Sinbad is dead. They join forces to try and discover the truth, but when the double Sinbad does some exploring, he finds a world populated by his look a likes, all wearing rainbow bracelets.

A Thing of the Past (B/M) by Milady Raven: The brothers and Bryn finally come to terms with their pasts. Images running through Bryn's mind give her clues to her past, and Doubar finally tells the truth to Sinbad about the death of their parents. The crew join together to solve the puzzles of their friends past while the three struggle with themselves to face them.

A Walk On The Wild Side (S1) by Shelly: A cold puts Sinbad to bed but he is awakened when the Nomad lurches suddenly and discovers his crew all acting strangely, Doubar thinks he's a king, Maeve is acting like the Captain, Rongar's in the crows nest trying to fly and Firouz has fallen in love with Sinbad!!! It's a crazy day for Sinbad and he tries to help his crew only to discover Rumina and some magic herbs are behind the whole mess.

Adera-the Shape Shifter (S1) by Debbie: Sent to an island by Maeve and Dim-Dim, Sinbad and crew, with the help of a shape shifter search for the cure to an illness that has plagued the Nomad crew.

All Alone (S1) by Shar: The men of the crew are kidnapped by a man who wants them to become part of his pirate fleet. Its up to Maeve alone to save them, who does so by first getting captured herself. (Together Again and Free At Last-all in the same story)

All For Love (S2) by Keren: Nightmares for both Sinbad and Bryn, a mysterious woman's riddle, and Sinbad's kidnapping by an evil force, lead Bryn to discover her powers and her past. She must rely on those powers now to save Sinbad from the evil force and save herself as well.

All For Nothing (S1) by LadyBlueMist: A first person story told through Maeve on her having to leave her life behind to face her own destiny.

All Things Work Together For Good (B/M) by Gina: This story is primarily a Maeve story with Bryn being mentioned. Maeve gets frustrated over being trapped with Dim-Dim and pleads with him to be allowed to go and see Sinbad. Dim-Dim shows her what the crews life would be like had she remained and they followed the course they were going.

All This Because of A Tattoo (S1) by Rcash 1: : Maeve has a tattoo that a king wants so he could get to the lost city of Atlantis but he wants a little more than just the tattoo.

Almost Lost & Found Again (S1) by Milady Raven: Part 2 of Creatures of the Night. Sinbad and his crew, joined by Storm, Ivy and the other animal creatures journey for some rest and relaxation at an island. But the fun turns to despair when Storm is injured saving Maeve's life. In order to restore her, Sinbad and crew, with the help of Weyoun and other animal creatures travel to ancient Greece where Sinbad and Storm alone must face the darkness keeping Storm from recovering. Sinbad gets some help though in the form of Xena and Hercules.

An Eye For An Eye (S1) by Shelley: An old nemesis of Sinbad's take him and his crew hostage and forces Sinbad to do his stealing in order to save his crew.

An Itch You Can't Scratch (S1) by Shelley: Scratch takes possession of Sinbad's body to set up the crew at the wedding of a friend. But Scratch doesn't know that Sinbad's strength still gives him some control of his body and he manages to defeat Scratch at his own game.

And The Children Must Play (S1) by Shelley: Thanks to a little magic by Rumina, Sinbad and Maeve keep acting like children at a crucial time when Sinbad is needed to sign a peace treaty between 3 warring nations.

Anymore by Ldy Susana

Arcanus (S1) by Caroline" A trip to visit an old friend on another astral plane brings the crew more than they bargained for. Doubar and Rongar are kidnapped by an evil wizard and the rest of the crew join forces with the good wizards to rescue them.

As The World Falls Down (S1) by Lady Blue Mist: Maeve has nightmares of her death by Sinbad's hand and as she and the crew struggle to find the cause, the nightmares grow worse and Maeve loses her powers.

At Last, A Happy Ending (B/M) By WMM: On the second anniversary of Maeve's disappearance, the crew is reunited with her at Caesar's palace. They are shocked to discover that Maeve knows Bryn and they two renew their friendship as Maeve helps Bryn regain her powers.

At The Beginning(S1) A Story/Song

Birthday Blues (S1) by Merlin: The crew celebrate Doubar's birthday on board the Nomad, but its interrupted when a huge storm hits. The crew land at an island to recover until they can head onto their destination where a huge party is waiting for Doubar.

Birthright (S1) by Tali: The search for the famed Sword of Grace, with the help of a princess with a few secrets of her own, the crew race against an underground network of thieves to find the sword first.

Blood Brothers (S1) by Shelley: A trip to visit an old friend leads to kidnapping and murder, and a face to face encounter for Sinbad with dragon. To save the others, Sinbad must face the dragon on its terms and its only with the help of his deceased friend that Sinbad wins.

Blood Cairn (S1) by Jeffrey Keuhl:: Sinbad and crew fight an onslaught of monsters and zombies.

Brothers (S1) by Shelley: During a battle, Doubar inadvertently injures Sinbad who tries to hide how seriously hurt he really is from the crew. To help distract them, the crew assists two young lovers, a prince and princess from two warring kingdoms , bring their fathers, old childhood friends, back together again. But Sinbad's struggle to hide his illness almost ends in tragedy.

Can I Trust You With My Heart? (S2). by Ldy Susana. A Story/Song.

Circle of Life (S1) by Seiya: The crew lands on an island seeking to repair the Nomad and are drawn into a game that is played by the children, unaware that the game is real, and the game lets Maeve and Sinbad discover their true feelings for each other and they end up getting married.

Confessions (S2) by Ldy Susana. Another Story/Song.

Cowards for a Day (S1) by Shar: A stop at an uncharted island results in the men of the crew mysteriously afraid of everything, including Maeve! Only Maeve, and some carefully placed magic can get the men to overcome their fears and break the spell.

Creatures of the Cat's Eye (S1) by Mage Ruby: Washed overboard and stranded on an island, Sinbad comes face to face with creatures that can morph at will and need his help in retrieving a stone that is the source of all their power.

Creatures of the Night (S1) by MiLady Raven: A race of animal people befriend Sinbad and crew when they assist each other in defeating an army of warriors who have been fighting the animal people. Story completed in Almost Lost & Found Again.

Crystal Quest (S1) by Caesar: Maeve departs on her own to search for the items she needs to obtain a crystal she believes will help restore Dermott. Danger and adventure are with her every step of the way as she tries to fulfill her quest and keep it from the crew at the same time. (Continued in Transformations

Damsel in Distress (S2) by Sinbad: Washed overboard during a storm, Sinbad is awakened on an island by a mysterious woman named Bryn. (not quite follows Sacrifice.)

Daughter Dearest (S1) by Huntress: A trip to an island brings back painful memories for Maeve, ones she tries to hide from the crew. But old friends glad to see her, cause those memories to surface and she finds she must tell the crew…that she has a daughter.

Day One (S2) by Unknown: Bryn and Sinbad spend their first night together as husband and wife.

Daydreams (S1) by Selynne: Sinbad and Maeve sneak a night together and awake the next morning to the sounds of chaos in the galley. They wait until every clears out to keep their secret hidden from the crew, unaware that Rongar witnessed the scene of Sinbad leaving Maeve's cabin.

Deadly Truth (S1) by Mrinda: Firouz is "arrested" and used as a pawn to lure Sinbad to a man wanting to get even with him. Sinbad and the crew form an unlikely alliance with a girl and her brother to save Firouz. But they soon discover that the girl has another reason for wanting to get even with Firouz's captor…his "truth serum" was responsible for her fiance's death a year before.

Destiny Awaits (S2) by Lady Sahara: During a shore leave, Bryn encounters a fortune teller who tells her that Sinbad is the other half of her soul. Bryn struggles with those feelings and tries to let Sinbad know about them, without telling him directly.

Destiny Fulfilled (B/M) by Celtic Dragon: During a stopover, Maeve runs into her old friend, Bryn, who also happens to be Rumina's sister. Maeve tells Bryn and Sinbad the secret behind the rainbow bracelets and how the three of them are the guardians of magic, with Rumina rounding out the circle as the 4th. Together, Maeve and Bryn must defeat Rumina to stop her evil magic from spreading.

Don't You Love Me Anymore? (S2) by Lady Rumina. A Story/Song.

Dream of Forever (S2) by Unknown: Dim-Dim whisks Bryn away and puts her in a sleep, forcing Sinbad to finally realize that he loves in and he must find her in order to wake her up.

Dream Vacation (S2) by Kelly: What happens when the main crew of the Adventurers take a trip to Cape Town to visit the set of Sinbad? Find out what happens when they meet up with the cast and crew of the Adventures of Sinbad.

Echoes in the Dark (S1) by Shelley: Searching for a missing dog in an evil forest, Sinbad is accidentally blinded by a fireball of Maeve's. While continuing to search for the dog, Sinbad relays his true feelings to Maeve about being scared and what lies ahead for him.

Eternal Love - For Old Time's Sake(S1) by Kelly: After almost losing Maeve because of Talia, Sinbad lets her know his true feelings. But Rumina once again interferes but this time both Rumina and Maeve pay the ultimate price. Continued in One More Night

Eternal Mistress (S1) by Shelley: The crew are taken in as guests of a man to save them from wolves, but the real danger lies within the castle. A castle inhabited by lovers of the night and a mistress that wants Sinbad for eternity.

Expect the Unexpected (B/M) by Solitaire: Maeve's sister Blair joins the crew of the Nomad, with the help of Maeve and Dim-Dim. Like Maeve, Blair also has the gift of magic, and a rainbow bracelet. Her gifts come in handy when the crew face Rumina once again and it's a battle of magic when Rumina and Blair fight.

Faded Memories (B/M) by Kelly: A group of strangers from the 20th century meet and all start having flashbacks to the memories of the crew of the Nomad. Before they know it, the spirits of the original crew join them and a whole new set of strangers become friends, as close and as true as the original Nomad crew.

Faerie Tale (S2) by Cindy Slea Smith: A head wound causes Sinbad to be sent to the land of the faeries, where he helps them overcome the domination of the evil country Pearson. But is it all a dream?

False Beliefs (S1) by Kelly: A visit to an island and Maeve's encounter with a witch have Sinbad and Maeve talking about their feelings. But Sinbad doesn't say what Maeve wants to hear and it's a late night encounter that brings them together again.

Family Ties (S1) by Raine: When an unseen force saves the Nomad from an attack by Rumina, the crew travel to Fire Island, an island all red in color to seek out their helper. What they find is Rumina's half sister who doesn't care that Sinbad killed her father

Farewell to Love (S1) by Lawrence Bowman: The arrival of a Viking ship comes at both an opportune and inopportune moment for the Nomad. The Viking's help repair the Nomad, and Maeve discovers her cousin among the crew. She must return home, so she leaves the crew after a very tearful goodbye.

Farewell to Sinbad (S1) by Shelley: A Queen believes that Sinbad is the prophesized stranger that will marry her daughter, so she schemes to make sure that Sinbad stays on the island, while sending his crew off on a wild goose chase. They return in time to hear that Sinbad and the princess are to be married, but thanks to Rumina's interference, the truth gets out.

Fellowship of Peace (S1) by Jeffrey Keuhl: A peace conference in Basra turns not to peaceful when Rumina and Turok exact their revenge against the crew of the Nomad.

40 Days and 40 Nights (S1) by Kelly: The crew is captured by pirates and Sinbad is forced to walk the plank. Maeve sends Dermott to search for Sinbad and then tell her when he finds him. While the crew try to escape from the pirates, Sinbad tries to rejoin his crew.

Finding Cinder (S1) by Faranath: A visit to an island reunites Maeve with her niece Cinder, and Cinder's best friend, a wolf. Both though aren't what they appear to be on the surface.

Finding Maeve (S1) by Faranath: A long search finally reunites the crew of the Nomad with Maeve, and with Maeve's niece Cinder. But its not a long reunion when Rumina shows up.

Fire & Ice (S1) by Shelley: Attending the wedding of a relative of the Caliph's, the crew run across Rumina and the sparks fly. But thanks to an inept apprentice in magic, Rumina and Maeve discover what its like to be the other when a cast spell puts them in each other's body.

Firouz's Day Out (S1) The crew finally have some shore leave and Firouz meets a woman who shares his love of science. However, she is not all she seems and the crew believe that Firouz's life is in danger.

First Encounter (S1) by SInbad: Sinbad saves a woman named Daniella from a group of men and they head back to the Nomad, but a storm forces them to take cover for the night where they get to know each other better.

First Meetings (S1) by White Magic Mist: A story about a different version of how Sinbad and Doubar first met Maeve on the Isle of Dawn.

Fishy Friend (S1) by Junezen: A version of Dermott's history is revealed in this story that has the crew going up against Rumina once again to try and break the spell on Dermott.

For Love (S1) by Shar: Sinbad blindly sets out to rescue Maeve from an evil sorcerer who has plans to marry her which Maeve agrees to in order to protect Sinbad. But when their true love reveals the truth, the sorcerer attempts to kill Maeve, but kills Sinbad by mistake.

For Love and Life (S1) by Shar: After Maeve disappears, Sinbad quits sailing and leaves everyone behind. But a stranger needing assistance in locating a kidnapped princess brings Sinbad out of retirement and back on the Nomad, now captained by Doubar. As the crew tries to get the old Sinbad back, they are puzzled by Sinbad's newfound link with Dermott. When the find the princess, they find her "guardian" a dragon that doesn't want to let her go. Sinbad defeats the dragon and gets the surprise of his life when he meets the princess.

For The Love of Maeve (S1) by Shelly: A visit to the village of Firouz's cousin brings the crew face to face with a giant of a man who falls hard for Maeve, but realizes he has to get Sinbad out of the picture before he could have a chance to try and win her.

Forbidden Dreams (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad and a mysterious woman save a small boy from a lashing and Sinbad discovers that she too wears a rainbow bracelet. An old man shows Sinbad the "forbidden dream", the truth behind the bracelets. In shock, Sinbad leaves with the woman. He falls asleep and awakens to find her gone and his crew searching for him. But he doesn't know if it was real, or a dream.

For Whom I Love (B/M) by WMM: Part one of a trilogy in which Maeve, who is reunited with the crew, and Bryn tell the crew of their past and its near the end that Sinbad begins to remember his connection to the two sorceress'. (Part 2 of the story is A Tale of A Secret Past and Part 3 is A Prophecy Fulfilled

40 Days and 40 Nights by Kelly

Full of Grace (S1) by Leah. Another Story/Song

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy (S2) by Leah and Kim: A stopover at an island, spending the day together swimming, and a romantic evening of music and dancing bring Sinbad and Bryn's feelings of love to the surface. But 3 brothers seeking revenge shatter the moment by hurting Bryn.

Goodbye (S1) by Torra: Maeve jumps in front of Sinbad to save him from an arrow, only to get hit herself. Sinbad finally confesses his love to her as she dies in his arms.

Goodbye My Love (S1) by Lynn: A trip to an island brings Firouz face to face with an old flame and they rekindle their old romance.

Heartbeat (S1) by Shelley: The crew encounter a sorcerer by the name of Ranalf who becomes close friends with Maeve, much to Sinbad's dismay. But when the crew help a kingdom save themselves from a marauders attack and Sinbad gets stabbed in the back, Ranalf sacrifices his life to save Sinbad…for Maeve.

Heaven Sent/Heaven Stole (S2) by Megaera: A childhood friend of Bryn's crosses paths with the crew and they spend time telling stories about their childhood. But during the night, Sinbad is kidnapped by an evil man who wants the powers the two women possess and he has his guards brutally beat up Sinbad in order to make the two women more compliant with him.

How Do I Live?(S2) by Keren. Another Story/Song.

How Do I Love Thee? (S1) by Kelly: The crew run into Eyolf who does all he can to try and woe Maeve away. This makes Sinbad jealous who runs off after seeing the two kiss and he takes the Nomad and sails out to the center of a river. After some convincing, he returns to discover that Maeve and Eyolf left again. He follows them, but Maeve senses him and the two end up talking.

If Only (S1) by CeltAngel: An ancient map leads the crew to an island where Maeve finds some books of magic on how to reverse animal spells. The crew follows the map to the Isle of Dreams where Maeve sets out with Dermott to reverse Rumina's spell on him.

Illusion vs. Sanity (S1) by Demona: A storm at sea knocks everyone overboard and they all wash up on an island, but apart from each other. Sinbad has different images of his crew's death being forced on him and he fights to get to the truth before he goes insane.

In The Sea (S1) by Alana: An unnatural storm at sea destroys the Nomad and each member of the crew is washed ashore an even stranger island. Divided, they all search for each other in the castle they have been taken to, and encounter a strange twosome who only want them to help them open a mysterious chest.

Interlude (S1) by Johinsa: A new female crew member, the fights like a warrior and talks like a sailor, holds a mystery to her past that the crew quickly learns about when the arrive in Nippon. But not before she and Rongar begin to develop a deep relationship.

Iron and Ice (S1) by Johinasa. Another story in the Locket of Transformation series. This time, the crew ends up fighting samurai warriors and are reunited with their old friend Tetsu.

It's a Wonderful Life - Sinbad Style (S2) by Sarah: Sinbad decides that life without Maeve is not worth living and wishes he were never born. With the help of Dim-Dim, his wish gets granted and a woman who is soon to share his destiny, Bryn, show him what his friends life would have been like if Sinbad were not a part of it.

It's the Little Surprises That Count (S1) by Torra: Maeve is having her first child and Sinbad is right by her side. But its an unexpected surprise for them both when Maeve suddenly has twins, a boy and a girl.

Keelhaul (neither) by Slea: After Sinbad is keelhauled by a murderous group of pirates, the crew grows through emotional and physical duress while waiting to find out if he will survive. Each one has their own demons of guilt to deal with, as well as Sinbad.

Keeper of the Heart (S1) by Shelley: After Maeve dies, Sinbad becomes possessed after Caipra in a dream, tells him that Maeve is still alive and need his help. They rush to an island where Sinbad must face the real Maeve and one that wants him dead. Will Sinbad make the right choice and save himself and Maeve?

Kingdom by the Sea (S1) by Johinsa: The locket of transportation separates Maeve from the crew. While Sinbad and the others work with an elder Sinbad double who is now married to Lea, Maeve must swallow her pride and pretend to apprentice with Rumina in order to regain the locket and rejoin the crew. (Part 2 of the Locket Series. See Reflections for list of stories in this series.)

Kiss Me(S1) by Leah. Another Story/Song

Lean on Me (Neither) by Shelley: After fighting a near death illness, Sinbad wanders off after the crew lands on an island to think. Firouz finds him after several hours and the two chat about illness, friendship, command and who can lean on who.

Let The Games Begin (S1) by Shelley: Maeve competes in a woman's only game similar to ancient Olympics, until one of her competitors knocks her out of the competition and Sinbad stands in for her so that the town sponsoring her won't be sold into slavery.

Life's Reflections(neither) by Ldy Susana. Another Story/Song.

Likeness of Nivia (S1) by Rhyannon: Escaping a storm, the crew spend the night in a run down cabin. The next morning, the discover a room, and a statute wearing a priceless necklace. After Firouz accidentally breaks the necklace, the crew find the reason why it was there and have to replace the evil spirit, and the necklace to save themselves.

Lion of the Desert (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad is kidnapped by a giant warrior who is taking Sinbad to his master, a collector of rare and beautiful things, and he wants Sinbad.

Little Girl Lost (S1) by Shelley: Maeve rescues a young girl who is the servant of a cruel mistress who takes her back. In order to set the girl free, Maeve and Sinbad plot an idea that has Sinbad being "shown" off for sale to distract the mistress while the crew rescues the little girl.

Lord of the Dolphins (S1) by Seiya: A mysterious boy who loves to swim with the dolphins helps Maeve and Sinbad find each other. Which results in the birth of their son months later, and a birthmark that looks exactly like the one the mysterious boy had.

Loss of Light (S1) by Megaera: Sinbad is thrown overboard in a storm and washes up on an island, but has no memory or who he is. Two men, aides to a Lord who convinces Sinbad that he is his most prized possession. While the crew search for any sign of Sinbad, the Lord takes advantage of the strength of Sinbad.

Lost and Found (S1) by Kristen: A journey to an island that Sinbad recognizes as home sets him off on a search for his mother. He believes he found her but is dismayed to discover its her twin sister and she holds Sinbad hostage, waiting the riches it was prophesized he would amass.

Lost At Sea (S1) by Kelly: The crew help a woman search for her missing daughter, unaware that she is being help captive by an evil witch, or that the woman posing as her mother is evil as well.

Love Breaks the Spell (S1) by Morgana: An old friend of Dermott's, a woman by the name of Selene goes after Rumina to break the spell on Dermott. She is successful in defeating her, but is unable to rejoin the crew.

Love Conquers All (S1) by Sorceress' Apprentice: A spell cast by Rumina, has Sinbad and Maeve hating and try and wanting to kill each other. But the power of their love is stronger than their hate and before long, they break the bonds of the spell and defeat Rumina once again.

Love Potion #9 (S1) by Kelly: Rumina secretly sprinkles a potion into Sinbad's wine, unaware that she also gets some in Maeve's water. She is furious when the two fall madly in love with each other, but then don't remember what they did. Meanwhile, Aphrodite is mad that someone is taking charge of love and goes after Rumina.

Love's Way (S1) by Cassandra: A trip to a carnival brings Sinbad face to face with Lea who tries to make Sinbad accept that he was not responsible for her death. She gives him a stone to remember their love, and then Sinbad wakes up. Was it all a dream?

Made For Each Other (S1) by Maeve Fanatic/Trisha: A visit to Eyolf's homeland for his wedding bring danger to Sinbad and Maeve when Maeve is kidnapped by the same man that kidnapped Eyolf's finance. Sinbad and Eyolf join forces to get back the love of their lives.

Madman (S1) by Erin: An old flame of Maeve's kidnaps her to force her to love him again. But his methods of doing so only anger Sinbad who defeats him and saves Maeve.

Maeve's Nightie (S1) by Sahara: On an impulse, Maeve buys a sensuous nightgown at a port stop. But she soon regrets her decision when Sinbad accidentally discovers it. The resulting argument and Maeve's own thoughts that night soon make her change her idea about the nightgown…and Sinbad.

May I Have This Dance? (B/M) by Celeste: A formal ball by Omar, has Bryn trying to get Maeve into a dress she doesn't want and Doubar helping Sinbad wearing clothes he doesn't want to.

Mistress of the Sea (S1) by Rhyannon: Sinbad is cast overboard during a storm and saved by a mermaid by Ilaria. While the crew searches for their lost captain, Sinbad finds himself grower closer to Ilaria. But when the crew reunites with Sinbad, its Ilaria who needs saving when she's kidnapped by a man that wants to display her and make money.

My Brother's Keeper(S2) by Lady Susanna: A journey that takes the Nomad over the spot where the brothers lost their parents, brings back memories that Doubar had long repressed and kept from Sinbad.

Nemesis (S1) by Shelley: An evil sorcerer called Belloc casts a spell on Sinbad's crew, making them act like marauders and Maeve in charge. In order to break the spell, Sinbad joins a real gang of marauders and acts as a spy between the two to keep the peace and save his crew.

Never A Love So Strong (S1) by Kelly: Maeve's return propels each of the crew members to live through a series of their own mishaps that causes each of them to grow closer and the bonds of love and friendship stronger.

New Beginnings (S2) by Keren: A trip to an island, brings Sinbad and Bryn face to face with another wearer of a rainbow bracelet. A woman by the name of Lisell who's position in a kingdom, and hidden powers, brings Sinbad in touch with his possible "other half".

No Stars In The Sky (S1) by Merlin: The entire crew deals with their own memories and demons after Sinbad is killed.

Noble Death (S1) by Megaera: Sinbad dies during a battle and is buried at sea. However his body is recovered by a 'coven" and he is brought back to life. The coven tells him the story of his powers and his bracelet and why they need Sinbad back on their island. As Sinbad trains for an impending battle, his past can't be ignored and he finds himself growing despondent and angry over apparently being left behind by his crew.

Nomad Court is Now In Order (neither) by Celeste: What happens with the Adventurers are called into court to face trial for crimes, pranks and jokes? Find out when Judge Kelly takes the stand and dishes out the punishment.

Nomad Yuletide (B/M) by Kelly: It's a season of miracles and good times for all when Maeve, Dim-Dim and Mustapha return to celebrate the holiday season with the crew.

Not Just A Shoulder To Lean On (S2) by CrystalKeeper: A mysterious woman named Deanna knows Bryn from the past and tries to get her to help her. But when Bryn tries, she is knocked out and Sinbad and the others listen to Deanna tell her story about her relationship with Bryn, while trying to explain to Deanna why Bryn can't remember her.

Of Faith and Friends (S1) by Shelley" A storm forces the crew to land on an island, where a ruler by the name of Balthazar informs them that Sinbad must battle their champion in order to be set free. Sinbad agrees, even though he himself is injured and everyone knows that if Sinbad fights, he will die.

On Silent Wings (S1) by Shelley: An evil sorcerer named Rasque "takes" Maeve, and leaves the crew to believe he destroyed her. Sinbad has to convince the crew that he is okay in order to free Maeve. They reach the island and Sinbad separates himself from the crew. It's a battle of magic between Sinbad and Rasque to save Maeve's life.

Once Upon a Sinbad (S1) by Kelly: Rumina takes each of the crew and sends them to different times in their past. Its up to Sinbad, and the people from their past to get the crew together again, all of who have no memory of who the other is, in order to break the spell and free them.

One and Only (S1) by Talia: A series of stories revolving around Maeve remembering her past and realizing that she is Lea, Sinbad's first lost love. The stories involve Maeve having to find 5 crystals in order to free Sinbad from the grips of the brururns, then trying to defeat Rumina at her own game during the Festival of Brides, then helping to retrieve a kidnapped Princess where Sinbad and Maeve finally profess their love and get married.

One and Only Part 2 - Soulquest One and Only Part 3 - A Love Once Scorned One and Only Part 4 - To Have and to Hold One and Only Part 5 - Dream a Little Dream

One More Night (S1) by Kelly: (A Continuation of Eternal Love) The crew reunites with Tetsu who is shocked to discover that Maeve is gone. Sinbad and Doubar are talking about her when Sinbad slips and falls over a cliff. A man with Tetsu called Rapton tells them about his brother who died the same way. Unknown to the crew, the ghost of Rapton's brother helps Sinbad reunite with Maeve and ultimately saves Sinbad's life.

One Sleepless Night (S2) by Keren: Unable to sleep, both Sinbad and Bryn find themselves alone on deck and they pass the time enjoying each other's company.

Past Transgressions (S2) by Lady Susanna: Doubar's past comes back to haunt him when an old shipmate kidnaps Sinbad to use him as a bargaining tool to lure Doubar into a trap where he intends to kill both brothers.

Pirate Isle (S1) by Sorceress Apprentice: Landing on an island, the crew is taken hostage by pirates, one of who falls for Maeve. While the crew plot their escape, Maeve must fight off the advances of the pirate much to Sinbad's amusement.

Precious Pain (B/M) by Shania: Maeve makes a deal with Scratch in order to escape her enslavement by Rumina. Once free she sets out to destroy the Nomad crew and starts with disguising herself and making the Caliph ill so that she can get on the Nomad without having a lot of questions asked.

Prince Sinbad (S1) by Kelly: The crew land on an island where strange things begin to happen. The crew disappear, leaving Maeve and Sinbad alone. But Sinbad begins to forget who everyone is and starts remembering things from his past, a life where he was a Prince. Unfortunately, there are those who don't want him to remember it all and plot to stop him.

Reflections (S1) by Biku: The crew stumble across the Locket of Translocation but when Maeve uses it, they end up in an alternate world where their counterparts are evil. The crew must defeat them and regain the locket before they can return to their own time. (Locket of Translocation tales are in this order: Reflections, Kingdom by the Sea, A Tale of Two Sinbads, What Little Girls Are Made Of).

Revelations (S1) by Christina: Maeve and Sinbad go off on their own so that Maeve could teach him more about controlling his new found powers. However, an unexpected energy surge from Sinbad knocks both of them out. While Sinbad recovers, Maeve and he began to share some of the secrets of their past.

Role Reversal (S1) by Eric: It's a hysterical lesson for Maeve and a lesson in humility for Sinbad when a trip to a marketplace uncovers a genie in a lantern, who decides to teach them both a lesson after listening to their arguing. It's a humorous few days when Maeve and Sinbad switch bodies and have to deal with life from the other's point of view.

Sailor Lost, Sailor Found (S1) by Morgana. When Sinbad tires of sailing, he leaves the Nomad and returns to Dim Dim. In trying to find himself, he stumbles across a woman that seems to have more problems then he does. He eventually falls in love with this woman, named Daria, but her past won't let them live a life of happiness.

Sealed With A Kiss (S1) by Shelley: When Maeve is possessed by an evil demon, Sinbad must fight to prove to his crew that he has not lost his sanity. It's a battle of wits between Sinbad and the demon to save Maeve and the crew.

Secrets (S1&2) by Kelly: This is the story that Kelly wrote for the Nomad Newsletter. It's a tale of love when Maeve and Sinbad finally get married and have a child. Only what happens when Rumina turns that child into a kitten and they have to go their separate ways to find Rumina and free him.

Secrets and Lies (S1) by Selynne: The crew journeys to seek out Maeve's sister, the only member of her family who can help Maeve recover from a death spell that is placed on her. It's a journey of adventure and enlightenment as the crew learn more about Maeve's past.

Separation (S1) by Twig: It's a story of true love as both Maeve and Sinbad struggle with the thought that the other is dead and both fight to reach the other, even if it means ending their own lives in order to do so. (Note: This story is kind of confusing)

Seventh Heaven Crossover - The Chosen One (S2) The Camden's are brought back to the 5th century where they discover that little Ruthie is the one that will help bring Dim-Dim and Maeve back from the dimension they are stuck in.

Shades of Darkness (S1) The epic story written by Shelly. It needs no introduction. However, you should read part one of the story first. See Witches Are A Girl's Best Friend

Shadow Dance (S1) by Shelley Pricked in the finger by a thorn and poisoned, Maeve is transported to the Shadow World, a place between life and death. The only way to save her is for someone to go after her and Sinbad volunteers, much to Doubar's dismay because it means Sinbad will have to be poisoned too.

Shadow of a Doubt (S2) by Tali: A young woman comes aboard and the crew suddenly begins have things disappear mysteriously. Bryn discovers that the young woman has no shadow and feels that's the problem and the crew needs to help her.

Shadows of the Light (S1) by Shelley: (Part 2 of Whispers in the Night) Landing in Ixbia, Sinbad and Maeve meet up with Jericho and he tells them of the impending battle between the darkness and the light. Sinbad is the champion of the light and he must battle the darkness, as Queen Lillith prophesized it before her death.

Shared Admissions (S1) by LauraLea: The crew journey over land with a man named Xalder, an old friend of Maeve's. While Sinbad fights down his feeling of jealousy, and his sense that Xalder is not all he says he is, Xalder plots to get Sinbad out of Maeve's life for good. Trapping them in a cave, Xalder is unaware that his actions have blinded Maeve and set the stage for Sinbad and Maeve to grow closer to each other.

She's All I Ever Had(S1) by Unknown. A story/song.

Short Story (S2) by Unknown. Even after a few rough days riding out a storm, both Bryn and Sinbad are having trouble falling asleep. Both find themselves up on deck and remember some of their past escapades, which helps them both to fall asleep.

Silence is Golden (S1) by Shelley: Its up to Sinbad and Rongar to save the crew after they are kidnapped by shadow people. But the trail leads them to a dark place where an old love of Rongar's, a practitioner of voodoo magic, uses Sinbad as a pawn to push Rongar to his limits.

"Sinbad" She Wrote (S2) by Lady Sahara: Bryn starts a diary and writes down her feelings towards Sinbad.

Sinbad's Doppelganger (neither) by Lady Susanna: Sinbad is kidnapped by a couple who think he is their dead son, returned to them by a miracle. As the crew frantically search for him, Sinbad's grip on reality begins to slip and he starts to believe that the couple really are his parents.

Sins of the Father(S1) by Megaera: A night of heavy drinking has the crew trying to remember what happened both to themselves and Sinbad, who has mysteriously disappeared. Sinbad however, is trapped in a cave with a man claiming to be his father. But all he wants is Sinbad's help in receiving the ultimate in the black magic's.

Sisters (S2) A stop on an island reunited Bryn with her sister. But Rumina shows up before the two have a chance to really get to know each other and kidnaps her sister. It's a race against time to defeat Rumina, unfortunately the consequences turn to tragedy for Bryn.

Someone From Your Darkest Past (B/M) by White Magic Mist: Maeve tells Bryn about her past, trigging Bryn's memory to come back. But its not all wonderful when Bryn's twin brother, Riule, uses that to his advantage.

Something Wicked This Way Blows (S2) by Leah: Avoiding an approaching storm by staying on an island, Bryn senses the approach of a storm, but there's more to it then the villagers see. An evil, but childish entity is at the base of the storm and it's a battle of wills with Bryn's magic and the creatures strength to see who will win and save the town.

Sorcerer or Sailor Be (S1) by Slea: Poisoned during an attack, when Sinbad fights for his life, it releases his powers that have been deeply hidden inside him. But it's a struggle between white and black magic for control of him and Sinbad weakens during the struggle. Its not until they reach a certain island that the truth is found out, and 3 very mystery sisters set things right again by masking all that has happened to the crew during this time.

Stasis (B&M;) by Phoenix: Cairpra tell Sinbad, in a dream, that Maeve is in stasis on the Isle of Winds. They journey there but before they can free Maeve, they must help the winds recover Hurricane from Rumina. Successful in their attempts, they return to the Isle, where Sinbad must relive the past to save Maeve, with a little help from Bryn.

Stone of Destiny (S1) by South Wind: The crew are joined by a creature that asks them to help save his land. In order to do so, they must retrieve a certain stone

Sweet Enemies (B/M) Doubles of the crew are dropped aboard t he Nomad with a big surprise. Dermott is now human and Maeve is still with them. This brings a lot of feelings out in the open and it's the double of Maeve that convinces (2nd season) Sinbad to leave his Maeve in the past and move forward, to Bryn and let her know his true feelings for her.

Sweet Seductress (S1) by Lesley: A protégé of Rumina's, a lovely young woman named Shea, is used to lure Sinbad into a trap. But her conscious gets the better of her and she gets the Nomad crew to help her save Sinbad from Rumina.

Sword Dance (S1) by Sheherazade: The crew is taken hostage and an old friend Naia rescues Sinbad. She hatches an elaborate plan to free the rest of the crew, but once its all done, everyone is concerned when they all remember something completely different from what Sinbad saw.

Tabitha's Adventures of Sinbad (S1) by Lady Rumina. A Bewitched/AoS crossover story. What happens when little Tabitha uses her magic and brings characters from the 5th Century into the modern days? And why is Endora so pleased with Rumina?

Tainted Love (S1) by Megaera: Rumina messes around with a love potion that backfires on her when Sinbad falls for a barmaid and they plan their wedding. Its up to the crew to break the curse before Sinbad marries her.

Tears of the Innocent (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad is devastated when an innocent girl is killed by Scratch, claiming it was Sinbad's fault. When Sinbad leaves to deal with his grief, he is kidnapped by Scratch who admits the girl was not real and that he did it to get Sinbad to him so he could have his soul.

Test of Faith (S1) by Caesar. This story is the continuation of Transformations After their battle with Rumina, Maeve and Sinbad go off on their own to a private island to spend some time together. But their haven is interrupted by the return of Calypso, searching for the man that ruined her beauty.

Thank God For Small Islands (S1) by Torra: Maeve leaves the ship after Sinbad refuses to listen to her pleas to not visit a certain island. They do, however and discover that the island hurts any who are magic bound. Sinbad, realizing he needs to apologize to Maeve, heads the crew back to the island they dropped her off at and begins to search for her.

That's What Friends Are For (S1) by Kelly: Trickster is up to his old tricks again, only this time he pits the crew against each other, making them take their anger out on each other. But he doesn't realize that the strong bond of friendship amongst this crew will break through any spell cast on them.

The Battle (B/M) by Stephanie: Summoned by Dim-Dim, the Nomad crew join forces with the other wearers of the rainbow bracelets to train for the ultimate battle between good and evil. Bryn however, grows withdrawn as she realizes that the battle will be her last, as her destiny is to die.

The Bond Between Brothers (S2) by Lady Susanna: The Nomad searches for Sinbad, who was returning to Basra on a ship that is presumed lost at sea. Unknown to them, Sinbad has survived and while he struggles to pilot the crippled ship back to Basra, Doubar struggles to get the Nomad to where Sinbad is. The brothers discover how close they really are when they sense the strength they are sending to each other through their thoughts.

The Boss (S1) by Slea: A snobby princess and her meek sister are passengers at a bad time. Sinbad is going through a really angry period and its not until he sees the way the older sister both physically and verbally abuses her young sister, that he realizes how angry he had become. But some talks with Doubar start getting him back on track again.

The Box (S1) by Shelley: On their way to delivering the Box of Imali to Omar, the crew is surrounded by cutthroats who want the box. The box is cursed and if opened by any one other than the chosen one, that person will die. Sinbad makes the decision to open the box, rather than die, and everyone is surprised when the box plays music, rather than killing them all.

The Calm Before The Storm (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad and Firouz are captured and sold as slaves to a woman who wants Sinbad as her personal toy. But with a little help from Firouz and some of his concoctions, Sinbad manages to allude her long enough to come up with a plan.

The Crimson Ghost (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad is shanghaied by Plunkett and Talia to search for a priceless ruby. But a mysterious woman who's not what she seems, and a trek that causes the three to face their real inner selves in order to fulfill their quest.

The Death of Sinbad (S1) by MiLady Raven: On their way to Greece, Sinbad and crew, along with Storm and some of the animal people are captured by Scratch and his army. They defeat him, but Sinbad, who had been captured, is killed. Storm takes the crew to Greece where in a special ceremony, they bring Sinbad back to life.

The Delhain Triangle (neither) by Kelly: Stuck in strange waters, held in place mysteriously by strange forces, the crew is shocked when Sinbad is flung over the side and disappears below the waves. But the bigger shock comes when Sinbad is rescued by Maeve's spirit.

The Door Creeks Open (S2) by M. Takes place after The Door Unlocks. Turok reveals himself to the crew and announces that he is Bryn's father and wants her to take her place by his side, ousting Rumina in the process. Rumina, furious, captures Doubar to force Bryn to fight, but without her powers. Turok intervenes and sends Bryn and Doubar back to the Nomad. The Door Opens Fully (S2): by M: Bryn discovers her father is Turok who has taken her away from the crew, much to Sinbad's dismay. However, Turok's feelings towards her are kind and gentle and he returns her to the crew, only to have Rumina kidnap Doubar in an attempt to draw her sister out into a battle.

The Dream (S1) by Kelly: The crew is plagued by strange dreams that somehow gets involved with everyone else's dreams.

The Dream (B/M) by Suzy: Sinbad gets knocked out and has a dream about the crew, with both Maeve And Bryn facing off against Rumina and winning. But what seems so real to Sinbad, is only a dream…or is it?

The Eternal Lily (S2) by Lady Sahara: After Bryn dies accidentally, a fallen angel helps Sinbad to realize that taking his own life would not have reunited him with would have been curse for worse than if he stayed alive. To help him, the angel allows him to see Bryn one last time, now in heaven, and Bryn gives him a white lily so he will always remember her.

The Eye of the Tiger (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad is kidnapped by Rumina's cousins who want him to get the Tiger Eye crystal for them because only one with great courage and a pure heart can touch it.

The Evil Within (S2) by Lady Susanna: An evil entity that feeds on fear uses Doubar as a pawn to push Sinbad to his limits of fear, unaware that the bond of the two is too strong to sever.

The Face of Death (S1) by Shelley: An evil spirit inhabits Sinbad and forces him to kill the daughter of an old friend to seek revenge against a pact it had made but never receive payment. Sinbad doesn't remember anything about the murder and while the crew races to find the answer, Sinbad struggles to try and remember exactly what happened.

The Face of the Enemy (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad and Rumina are kidnapped by a hideous creature that wants to inhabit Sinbad's body so Rumina will love him. He sends them to DreamWalk to show his power but gets mad when Sinbad and Rumina beat him at his own game, and Sinbad almost manages to bring Dim-dim home.

The First Kiss (S1) by Leah: Bryn agonizes over her first real kiss with Sinbad and the way he acted before and after it. She tries to tell herself it was nothing, but Sinbad and Doubar both convince her otherwise, in their own special way.

The Fog (S1) by (Maria/Rhyannon): The Nomad sails through a weird fog bank and end up on an island covered in ice. It is controlled by an evil sorceress, Denores who wants everything that Rumina wants. She successful captures Maeve and Sinbad and taunts Rumina with them. But when Maeve and Rumina combine their powers, she is quickly defeated.

The Future Is The Past (S2) by Kym: A journey to bring a young girl home results in the crew being transported to the future to help a race save themselves from an evil sorcerer who controls them with a crystal.

The Hardest Thing(B/M) by Celeste: Sinbad is beside himself with grief when he tells Maeve he doesn't love her because he feels he loves Bryn. Maeve is heartbroken and decides to leave. Bryn realizes that Sinbad loves Maeve, but told her that he didn't because he felt an obligation to her. The three of them make life miserable for the rest of the crew as they all try to come to terms with their true feelings for each other.

The Haunted Castle (S1) by Kelly: Investigating a castle, the crew is separated and each one faces their greatest desires, but is it really want they want? Sinbad sees through the spell and he must help the rest of the crew face the truth to before they can go home again.

The Hole (neither) by Caroline: Young Sinbad falls through a hole that transports him to another plane of time. While Dim-Dim and young Doubar search for Sinbad, Sinbad makes new friends with the people there trying to regain control of the gates that control travel through the different dimensions.

The Hunted (B/M) by Jeff Keuhl: Sinbad and crew are visiting a prince when he is beheaded. The crew is taken as prisoners, but escape and discover that it's the princess that killed him.

The Kiss of Death (S1) by Mage Ruby: An old love of Sinbad's, that is still angry with him for leaving her many years before, uses Doubar as a pawn to exact her revenge against Sinbad.

The Lion and the Dove (S2) by Teala: Sinbad is kidnapped by an evil ruler who uses him in gladiator style battles, fighting side by side with his current champion…Teala, a female warrior who is going to do all she can to make sure that Sinbad is reunited with his crew safely. She is so determined, she even swears a Protector's Oath to prove it.

The Loss (S1) by Kelly: An evil sorcerer casts a spell on Sinbad that makes him appear to be dead. Disguising himself as a passenger, he embarks with the crew when they bury Sinbad at sea. At his suggestion, they set him adrift on a raft and set the raft on fire. Only Dermott knows that Sinbad isn't really dead and he saves his life and helps him get back to the Nomad, where with Maeve's help, they take control of their ship once again.

The Magic of Sinbad (S1) by Shelley: When Maeve is captured by Rumina, Sinbad and crew set out to save her. But in order to do so, Sinbad must destroy the Ibix Stone by tapping into his own power.

The Man in the Middle (S1) by Shelley: On their way through a snow covered land to visit a foreseer and a healer, the crew is attacked by a pack of wolves. One severely injures Sinbad in the attack and the crew must rely on Maeve's connection with the sorceress to get Sinbad to her in time to save his life.

The Masque (B/M) by Jeff Keuhl: A prince dies from an illness, but somehow he still lives and attempts to kill Sinbad, thinking he was responsible for his death.

The Miracle (S2) by Lady Sahara: Alone in a strange city, Sinbad and Bryn have to defend themselves against 3 thieves. Separated during the fight, Sinbad is stabbed in the chest. Bryn scares the thieves away with her magic and then decides to try to use her powers to heal Sinbad. She's successful, much to Sinbad's surprise, as well as her own.

The Mountain House (S1) by Saderah. While resting on an island for the night, Sinbad has a nightmare in which all his friends disappear one by one. The next morning, Maeve realizes she knows the place and tries to get the crew to leave before Sinbad's dream becomes reality. But the crew don't believe her, so Sinbad and Maeve try to get them all to the Mountain House, where they'll be safe. But will they all make it?

The Musketeers (S1) by Mage Ruby: Thanks to Rumina's magic, Maeve, Sinbad and Rumina find themselves in the future and the guests of the Musketeers. While they search past ruins for a way to get back to their own time, they are amazed by the wonders of the future.

The Nightmare (S2) by Karo. Bryn is forced to join forces with Rumina who is using the crew as bait. But everytime Bryn agrees to Rumina's demands and allows the dark forces to start to take control, her good side brings her back, where the crew try to convince her its all a nightmare. Reality and fantasy begin to intertwine and Bryn must separate the two in order to help out her friends.

The Other Side of Eden (S1) by Shelley: Maeve is kidnapped by Rumina to lure Sinbad into a trap. Once caught, she tells them they only have to reach the other side of an island and they would be free, but the journey is a lot more dangerous then they think.

The Past Revealed (S1) by Celtic Dragon: The crew stop on an island for a little R&R;, but Maeve senses a presence from her past. When Doubar is injured by this person, Maeve and Sinbad set off to destroy him, and Sinbad learns a little bit more about Maeve's past on the way.

The Phoenix (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad is reunited with an old friend who reminds Sinbad that he owes him payment of an old debt. This payment causes Sinbad to leave the crew behind, who believe that there is more going on then they were told. They follow Sinbad and discover that his old friend wants Sinbad because of his powers. His friend forces Sinbad to use those powers to save his friends, but he himself is saved by his guardian who returns the crew to the Nomad and erases all memory of what happened to them.

The Power of Encrom (S1) by Apollo: After mysteriously falling overboard, Maeve and Sinbad are rescued by a wizard who uses the power of the encrom crystal to capture Maeve's soul and make her his. But Sinbad uses pure love to get Maeve back.

The Price of Fire (S1) by Selynne & T.J. Skywind: This story is a continuation of the stories called Revelation and Secrets & Lies.

The Pyramid of Peace (S1) by Kelly: The crew travel to Cairo and get involved with the theft of a jewel from the Pyramid of Peace. Doubar is reluctant to help as an old childhood friend of his disappeared from around the pyramid. But as the crew get closer to finding out the truth, Doubar rediscovers his old friend.

The Reason (S1) by Black Moon: A stopover on an island brings Sinbad face to face with a barmaid who also happens to be a healer. The townspeople however have branded her a witch and she is scheduled for execution. With the help of her brother and Sinbad's crew, they attempt to get her off the island, but an archer cuts her down before she has a chance at freedom.

The Second Impression (S2) by Leah: This is a story that takes place immediately after the crew returns to the Nomad in the Sacrifice and Bryn is introduced "formally" to the whole crew..

The Sorceress (S2) by Egyptologic: The Nomad crew join up with Xena, Hercules, Gabrielle, Joxer and Ioalus to defeat an evil sorceress that has cast a spell on Xena and has someone kidnap Bryn. It's up to everyone to combine their efforts and save their members.

The Soul Catcher (S1) by Shelley: Sinbad is captured by a crippled King that wants to switch bodies with him. His sorcerer manages to make the switch, but the crew can tell that there is something wrong with Sinbad. While the real King, inside Sinbad fights to keep them from learning the truth, Sinbad uses his authority as the King to get his body recaptured so he can reverse the spell.

The Trident of Peace (B/M) by Jeff Keuhl: Under attack by creatures, Sinbad uses the Trident of Peace to destroy them all and save his crew.

The True Sinbad (B/M) by Noelerin: With Maeve's return, Bryn disappears and Sinbad is heartbroken. Dim-Dim informs him that Bryn and Sinbad must live different destinies. Jumping to the present time, a writer named Bryn is sent to Baghdad to write a story about Sinbad the Sailor and is fortunate enough to meet his ancestors. What she doesn't realize is that Sinbad's ancestors are reincarnate of the original crew and they want Bryn to regain her memory.

The Witching Hour (S1) by Shelly: A visit to a curio shop to find a gift for Firouz puts Sinbad under a blood spell to the haggard witch that runs the shop that is held in place by a ring. Its up to Maeve and Doubar to break the spell on Sinbad without killing him in the process.

The Wreck (S1) by Kristen: Sinbad is thrown overboard and the whole crew believes he is gone. They are shocked when they find him on the nearest island and as they try to get back to the ship they are ambushed. Sinbad is injured during the attack and he and Maeve are separated from the rest of the crew. During their attempts to rejoin them, Maeve discovers that Rumina is behind it all and has a plan to make Sinbad forget all his friends so that she can have him for herself.

Things That Go Bump In The Night (S2) by Mrinda: The crew seeks shelter in a seemingly abandoned castle during a storm. But finding a diary, and a visit by a spirit, shows the crew that they are not alone and they must solve a puzzle before its too late.

This is My Life (S1) by Rcash1: The crew travel to an island where they discover its Maeve homeland, that she is a princess that ran away from the life she was supposed to lead, and that her fiance still wants to marry her.

Three Enemies Sitting In A Row (S1) by Egyptologic: The crew of the Nomad join up with Xena, Hercules and their crew to help defeat Ares and Rumina and save Hercules mother and brother from their grips.

Til The End of Time (S1) by Shelly: A stopover in Tynise reunites Sinbad with an old mentor of his. A man named Lukah that Sinbad idolizes, but Doubar despises. When Sinbad invites his friend to sail with them Doubar leaves the ship. Sinbad convinces him to return and its only a matter of time before Doubar and Lukah have a run in that almost results in disaster for Doubar.

To Firouz With Love (S1) by Talia: Running into an old friend named Kindra, who Firouz has a crush on, leads to confusion when Kindra writes a note to Firouz saying how much she likes him, but Maeve has it when they run into Sinbad. Maeve drops it and Sinbad picks it up, reads it and thinks Maeve loves Firouz. Its confusion all around while they all try to sort the mess out.

To Forgive and Forget (S2) by Ldy Susana. Another Story/Song.

To Hell and Back (S1) by Jeff Keuhl: The Nomad crew encounter Scratch and another old foe in Hell.

To See The World In His Eyes (S1) by Lady Sahara: Celebrating a successful voyage, the crew enjoy themselves in a tavern where Sinbad is approached by a strange lady. Unknown to the crew, she places a spell on Sinbad that later that night steals Sinbad's experience and wisdom and leaves him seeing the world through the eyes of a child. The crew voyage to an island to try and break the curse, an deal with Sinbad acting as though he is seeing the world for the first time.

To Stand The Test of Time (S2) by Unknown: Bryn is kidnapped by an evil sorceress and beaten, causing her to lose the child she is carrying, Sinbad's child. How far will Sinbad go to save her, and why did Zeus save them?

Too Late To Go Home (S1) by Laura Lea The whole crew begin to act strangely after being stuck on a sand bar. Its as if all their self control has left them and they begin to do things they only used to think of doing. They discover that it's the food on the island and after taking a mixture of Firouz's their minds clear. They are shocked to discover that the islanders don't want to take the cure though. They are happy living a life filled with fantasies.

Transformations (S1) by Caesar: Maeve prepares to do battle with Rumina, but her preparations are worrying the crew. Its not until she tells Sinbad that they see how serious Maeve is to see Rumina destroyed. When they reach her stronghold, they lose Doubar to a trap of arrows and Sinbad risks his life to save Maeve from getting hit with a dagger flung by Rumina. But Maeve uses the Crystal of Goodness to save herself and the crew, but its power returns Rumina back to a time before she turned truly evil….back to when she was a young teenager. (You should read Crystal Quest before reading Transformations. Continued in Test of Faith)

Trapped (S1) by Kelly: A man kidnaps Maeve after Sinbad warns him to stay away from her and tries to "have his way with her." Sinbad, concerned over Maeve's disappearance, tries to find her and manages to save her before the man can do anything to her.

Trickster (S1) by Jamie: The Nomad crew join forces with Rumina and a friend of Sinbad's called Jax to defeat a demon. Rumina is injured during the fight and fakes being ill to get Sinbad's sympathy, who doesn't see through Rumina's deception until almost to late.

Twisted Paths (S1) by Black Moon: On their way to deliver a cargo, Rongar is shot by an arrow and their cargo is rifled through. They discover that 3 books on magic were stolen. On their way to find someone who might help recover them, they are taken as prisoners and sent to a slave camp where they plan their escape before they can be separated and sold as slaves.

Unspoken Words (S1) by Merlin: Maeve relives her past when she lost her mother and how Rumina turned Dermott into a hawk. She finally tells Sinbad the whole story and he agrees to help her destroy Rumina to get her brother back.

Veil of Smoke (S1) by Shelly: Sinbad is taken hostage by an old adversary bent on breaking his spirit because Sinbad caused him humiliation years before. As Sinbad is daily whipped and tortured, his wounds are tended to by Vashti, a woman who is well aware of the rulers temper. When Sinbad can no longer take the beatings Vashti sneaks out and leads the Nomad crew to their fallen captain, but her act of mercy costs her her life.

Waiting for Doubar (neither) by Biku: While waiting for Doubar in a tavern, Sinbad runs into an old shipmate. While reminiscing, Sinbad realizes the man is now just an old drunk, spinning tales of past times.

War of the Writers (S2) by Keren. A look into what happens to our favorite crew when the "writers" get a serious case of grevious boo boo story ideas!

We Two Are One (B/M) by Milady Raven: Sinbad struggles through his feelings for Storm and Maeve and tries to unravel the mysteries. On his way, they encounter a woman named Bryn. In helping her with the local townspeople Sinbad and Storm's souls and bodies join together, an experience which helps them both understand what the other is feeling.

What An Imagination (S1) by White Magic Mist: During a battle, Rumina takes a weakened Maeve away and puts her in a dream like state. Sinbad must go in after her and help her to remember who she is before they both can be free once again. Its during their journey that Maeve remembers who she really is…and a surprise that really jolts Sinbad.

What Little Girls Are Made Of (S1) by Unknown: The Locket of Transformation drops the crew in what appears to be home, but they soon discover its another alternate world with doubles of themselves…only this time, the doubles are all women!!!

What They Did For Love (S1) by Dabnis: Stopping for a shore leave results in trouble for Sinbad and Maeve when two teenagers, a brother and sister, both fall in love with them. The brother quietly pursues Maeve, while his sister pulls out all the strings in order to get Sinbad.

When Friendships Die(S2) by Lady Susanna: Doubar's encounter with an old friend, one that Sinbad can't stand, results in Doubar leaving the ship. A chance encounter by Bryn reveals that Doubar is now in trouble with a band of thieves, led by his friend, and its up to Sinbad and friends to free him before he is captured by Omar's troops.

When We Face The Unknown (S1) by Kyrine: The ship is washed ashore during a storm and Sinbad tries to remember exactly what happened after landing. It's a shock when he discovers that he was responsible for the death of a woman's unborn child, and it hurts even more when Maeve can't seem to forgive him for it.

When The Wind is Southerly (S1) by Johinsa. The Nomad is needed to transport refugees, one of whom is someone who seems to have it in for sorceresses. In between helping the refugees, the crew of the Nomad find themselves dealing with murders and a kidnapping of their own sorceress.

Wherefore Art Thou Sinbad? (S1) by Shelly: Sinbad is knocked on the head by a boomerang and develops amnesia. He doesn't recognize any of the crew and believes his name to be Hakem. Rumina takes advantage of his memory loss and convinces him that they are married, but the crew manage to break him away and are finally able to convince him of who he is.

Where Angels Fear To Tread (S1) by Megaera Separated by the crew after falling off the side of a cliff, Sinbad comes face to face with his guardian angel. She helps Sinbad to rejoin his crew and when he tries to explain about her, they fear he hit his head a lot harder than anyone first thought.

Where The West Wind Blows (S1) by Shelly: Sinbad and Doubar are taken hostage by a pirate looking for a treasure in western waters. The pirate forces Sinbad to do his bidding by threatening Doubar's life. Using his sailing skill, Sinbad quickly gets them to the island on the map and while he continues to search for the treasure, he and Doubar try to find a way to escape from their captors and hopefully rejoin their crew.

Whispers In The Night (S1) by Shelly: Sinbad is plagued by nightmares of something he isn't sure is a dream or not. When he is knocked unconscious during a storm at sea, the whole nightmare plays out right before his eyes and he learns the reason behind the dreams. Or are they? (This story is continued in Shadows of the Light).

White Fire (S1) by Shelly: At Maeve's request, the crew searches for her friend Shioban. It becomes a race for time when Rumina poisons Sinbad and they must find Shioban as she is the only one able to save his life.

White Tower (S1) by Shelly: The Nomad docks at an island to get out of a storm that was conjured by magic, but the scent of jasmine that reached Sinbad during the storm tugs at a lost memory. Their hostess makes mention of a monster in a white tower when Dermott brings Maeve a branch of jasmine flowers, then holds the crew hostage in order to force Sinbad to destroy the monster. Sinbad heads towards the tower and encounters an old acquaintance of his, a mysterious woman named Naia.

Whose Dream? (neither) by Lady Sahara: Sinbad awakens from a strange dream and finds himself face to face with a stranger that looks exactly like him. The two share stories about each other's lives. But all too soon the meeting ends and Sinbad wakes up to a new day. Was it all a dream, and if so…who as dreaming? Sinbad or the stranger called Zen?"

Why Don't I Have A Daddy? (S1) by WMM: Set a few years in the future, Maeve is approached by her daughter who asks why she doesn't have a daddy. What Maeve doesn't know is that Sinbad married Rumina who is expecting their first child. As the truth finally comes out about what is going on, it leaves two small children asking why they don't have a daddy.

Why Me? (between 1 and 2) by Egyptologic: Sinbad is plagued by dreams of a young girl in trouble. When Firouz encourages him to let the dream play out, Sinbad finds himself caught up in it and discovers that the girl is actually Maeve.

Witches Are A Girls Best Friend (S1) by Gabby and Shelly: This is the beginning to Shades of Darkness. Maeve falls overboard during a storm and suffers from amnesia. When the crew land on an island to try and help her, Maeve encounters Rumina, who claims to be her friend and convinces her that the Nomad crew are evil. It's a struggle of wits and magic to get Maeve to remember the truth before she destroys the crew.

Wrong Again (S2) by Ldy Susana. Another Story/Song.

You Made Me Believe in Magic(S2) by Ldy Susana. A Story/Song.


The Great Library also hosted The New Fan Fiction Adventures of Sinbad, a twelve episode virtual season collaborated by several authors. This collection was originally hosted by Geocities, but was moved to the Great Library as a back-up[3].


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