The Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction Seasons

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Name: The Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction Seasons
Date(s): 1998-2008(?)
Type: fanfiction, virtual season
Fandom: The Adventures of Sinbad
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The Adventures of Sinbad Fan Fiction Seasons was a virtual season fanfiction archive for The Adventures of Sinbad [1]. It was the first work created by lWo Fan Fiction Productions, with fifty-six episodes and three movies spanning three virtual seasons. Episodes included images, animated credits, and music clips as well as text and hyperlinks.

The writers summarized the project as "In a time of adventure and fantasy, the great swashbuckler Sinbad and his crew set sail for adventure across the seven seas. The Arabian Nights hero and his crew battle deadly foes, visit exotic locations, and fight the good fight."[2]

Much of the plot was based on creator Ed Naha's Beyond Outline, though writers frequently added their own twists[3]. In addition to bringing back favorite characters like Maeve, Dim-Dim, Turok, and Rumina from Season One, the writers also introduced original characters such as Julius Faarooq, the ghost of a powerful warrior summoned by the demon Scratch to destroy Sinbad, and the dark magician Robis. All characters not appearing in canon were fancast with actors the writers felt best represented their appearance and personality.

Many episodes also included detailed summaries and behind-the-scenes commentary from the creators.[4]


  • Executive Producers - Kent Simmons, Susanna, Maevelyn


Virtual Season Three

Episode 1 - Rebirth

Scratch (Tony Caprari) seeks out a new champion (John Medlan) to defeat Sinbad (Zen Gesner) now that Sinbad has rejected Scratch's offer to join the dark side.

Episode 2 - Demons from the Past When a forgotten chapter of Firouz's (Tim Progosh) past reopens, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew find themselves facing an evil alchemist bent on destroying them all.

Episode 3 - The Price of Peace In order to save the cursed city of Medayvin and an injured Firouz (Tim Progosh), Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew must battle a dragon, and survive a maze filled with puzzling traps and strange creatures.

Episode 4 - Payback On a mission to rescue Prince Hakeem (Ryan Johnson) from Cut Throat Island, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew encounter an old friend (Jacqueline Collen) who appears to have lost her memory. Meanwhile, a powerless Rumina (Julianne Morris) plots to regain what she lost during the fallout at the Isle of Tears.

Episode 5 - Revelations Rumina (Julianne Morris) plans to crash the celebration of peace between Baghdad and Basra, which Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew are attending. Meanwhile, Bryn (Mariah Shirley) begins to have nightmares that may include forgotten memories from her past, and Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) recalls through her dreams how Rumina cursed her.

Episode 6 - A Chance at Redemption After Cairpra (Adrienne Pearce) is kidnaped by Rumina (Julianne Morris) as payback for the crew freeing Maeve (Jacqueline Collen), Bryn’s (Mariah Shirley) attempt at a rescue gets her possessed by the Umparta Demon (John Stead), and Sinbad (Zen Gesner) learns Dim-Dim's (Wayne Robson) fate.

Episode 7 - Ransom The evil trader Andarius (Anthony Etherton) plans to auction Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew off to the highest bidder. During the rescue mission, Bryn (Mariah Shirley) begins to better learn the extent of her elemental powers.

Episode 8 - The Captain? When a piece of work named Masoud (John Ralston) takes control of The Nomad, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) may be demoted down to a cabin boy in training.

Episode 9 - Best Forgotten In what has to be the worst month of sailing ever, our heroes are in sickness and in hell when they deliver cargo to the Island of the Apes aboard a ship called The Seaweed.

Episode 10 - Magic Shticks Bryn (Mariah Shirley) and Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) attend a magic convention in Draver, where they have to turn monkeys back into men when spells go haywire.

Episode 11 - Retribution Zamur (Mfundo Morrison), the estranged son of Ali Rashid (Hakim Kalkazim), comes to Bollnah for Rongar’s (Oris Erhuero) life, and to take the throne from Zorah (Nomuula Meth).

Episode 12 - Sailing a Different Sea An aged Sinbad (Zen Gesner) reunites with his crew for one final confrontation with the evil sorceress Rumina (Julianne Morris).

Episode 13 - Dead Man Walking While on a vacation in Basra, the crew encounters Willy the Wisp (Tasma Walton), a soul too evil for heaven and too smart for hell.

Episode 14 - Healing Touch A mysterious woman named Ianira (Roxanne Wilson) boards The Nomad to seek protection from Turok (Juan Chiroan), who wants her to heal his scar.

Episode 15 - The Haunting on Nexus Sinbad (Zen Gesner) battles Faarooq (John Medlan) again when the warlord invades a magical nexus. Meanwhile, Bryn (Mariah Shirley) learns more about her past, while Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) puts her distrust and past behind.

Episode 16 - Nightmare In a grainy nightmare realm, Dermott (Mia) must enter Rongar's (Oris Erhuero) mind to help him battle his worst fears.

Episode 17 - A Solstice Story Joined by their old friend Eyolf (Bret Hart), the crew bring a good time to the children of a boring and gloomy Middle Eastern town. A tradition is born!

Episode 18 - New Breed If Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew don't stop a demon (Calvin Tuteao) from resisting the last of the seven deadly sins, his evil will plague the world forever.

Episode 19 - Shevela Sinbad (Zen Gesner) plans to bring the mercenary Shevela (Josephine Davison) to justice after she kills his old friend, Harol, during a war between two Persian god's cults.

Episode 20 - The Quest Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew are joined by their old enemy, Shevela (Josephine Davison), during a treasure hunt for a magical amulet.

Episode 21 - Mortis When Firouz (Tim Progosh) is possessed by Bakbuk's rigamortis, the crew teams up with Velda (Hanli Rolfes) to find an exorcist (Ben Bass), and battle the witch doctor Shango (Nique Needles).

Episode 22 - Regrets and Lessons, Part 1 As Sinbad's (Zen Gesner) life hangs in the balance, Robis (Jason Carter) calls in his favor as Doubar (George Buza) cares for his brother.

Episode 23 - Destiny, Part 2 Sinbad (Zen Gesner) recalls the time he had to choose between good and evil while on a journey to Chin, where Fortasa (Marton Csokas) had planned to strike, and where he met the mysterious Tien-Hou (Marie Matiko).

Episode 24 - Once Upon a Time in Alexandria In an epic tale of war and romance, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) is reincarnated into the past to stop Tjria (Simone Kessel) from assassinating Cleopatra (Galyn Gorg).

Episode 25 - The Unicorn Power hungry Prince Talius (Craig Parker) wants Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew to bring him the legendary unicorn for its priceless golden horn.

Episode 26 - Prisoners of War When aboard a capsized prison ship that is escorting a murderer to trial, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and Firouz (Tim Progosh) wind up on an island where two tribes of Middle Eastern women are attempting to rebuild the Amazon Nation.

Episode 27 - The Rise of Evil Rumina (Julianne Morris) plots to use the upcoming alignment of the planets to control and destroy her greatest enemies, and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

Episode 28 - Dreamscape After learning about her past, Bryn (Mariah Shirley) enters the realm of Dreamscape to come to terms with everything, and to speak to Dim-Dim (Wayne Robson) in hopes of freeing him.

Episode 29 - The Hunt Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and Aladdin (Colin-Mathura Jefferre) join forces to search for the dreamers sword and the magic lamp.

Episode 30 - Twilight of Armageddon

In hope of finally setting Dim-Dim (Wayne Robson) free from Dreamscape, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew take an army to Twilight Island for another epic showdown with Rumina (Julianne Morris). Meanwhile, Turok (Juan Chiron) recieves word of an event that will forever change the shift in the battle between good and evil.[5]

Virtual Season Four

Episode 1 - Light and Darkness

In order to stop Strocker's (Marton Csokas) evil plans, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) must team up with his wicked counterpart to find a sword capable of defeating the immortal Strocker once and for all.

Episode 2 - Djinn When the Queen of Saba (Tharini Muadliar) is missing, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew journey to meet the legendary King Solomon (Tony Todd), who is the number one suspect.

Episode 3 - The Phoenix Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew reunite with an old friend (Marzena Godeki) who has received a higher calling. Will she be a friend, or a new foe?

Episode 4 - Stalked, Again A (not so) typical adventure in the life of The Nomad crew has them experience life in all of sickness' agonizing glory, attend a wedding, and battle giant ants bent on taking over Baghdad.

Episode 5 - A Bond Between Brothers When Sinbad (Zen Gesner) is lost at sea during a journey aboard The Traveler, the crew frantically search for their captain while pondering the possible disastrous results.

Episode 6 - Purity When Rumina (Julianne Morris) and Turok (Juan Chiroan) are freed from Dreamscape, a whole new chapter of their rivalry with the crew begins, and women begin missing from an island ruled by Amazon Queen Tahira (Nina Sosayna).

Episode 7 - Spy Game Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and Firouz (Tim Progosh) uncover a scroll that tells a tale of a love goddess Rumina (Julianne Morris) and her quest to bring peace to a warring kingdom.

Episode 8 - Baghdad Under Siege Sinbad's (Zen Gesner) old rival Faarooq (John Medlan) plots a full scale invasion of Baghdad, and wants to use The Nomad as his main battle ship, bringing its captain aboard for the ride.

Episode 9 - The Hawk We Love When Dermott (Mia) is injured, his soul transfers into Sinbad's (Zen Gesner) body, and the crew must find a way to separate them.

Episode 10 - The Storyteller Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew become fairy tale legends when a storyteller (special guest star Ed Naha) needs to entertain a young audience.

Episode 11 - Shadows Rongar's (Oris Erhuero) heart is opened to a young warrior (Willa O'Neill) on her search for the powerful sorcerer Caspar.

Episode 12 - Sky and Earth Firouz (Tim Progosh) must come to the rescue of his crewmates when Tellus (special guest star Christoper Lambert) enlists them in a private competition he holds for his amusement.

Episode 13 - Like a Couple of Thieves Sinbad and Doubar's old acquaintance, the pirate queen Talia (Lisa Howard), escapes execution, only to wind up with a major case of creature trouble when on the run from King Koura's (Ian Watkin) soldiers.

Episode 14 - Hard Times Mistaken for his evil double (Zen Gesner), the real Sinbad (Zen Gesner) is sentenced to life in Arabia's deadliest prison, run by the vile Jardan (Nigel Bennet). Elsewhere, Bryn (Mariah Shirley) and Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) are taken captive by a tribe of cannibals.

Episode 15 - The Centaur After getting word from Omar (Brian O'Shaugnessey), Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crew accompany his new friend, Nomar (Anthony Simcoe), on a mission to rescue someone he cares deeply for from the warlord Krakus (Glen Drake).

Episode 16 - Without Honor A desperate priest (Burt Kwouk) summons Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew to come to the land of the rising sun to retrieve a sacred dragon statue, before the Samurai it protects are enslaved under the control of the evil sorcerer Kato (Daniel Sing) forever.

Episode 17 - To Rise From the Ashes, Part 1 Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and crews reunion with old friend, the Phoenix Warrior Maria (Marzena Godecki), leads them all into a battle against a dark power (Danielle Cormack) that is a figure out of Maria's past.

Episode 18 - To Rise From the Ashes, Part 2

Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew travel with their friend, the Phoenix Warrior (Marzena Godecki), to Egypt for one final showdown with the evil Raven (Danielle Cormack), and an encounter with Ra (Eměle Abossolo M'bo). [6]

Virtual Season Five

Episode 1 - Coming Home

Sinbad (Zen Gesner) awakens in the house of Loretta (Elizabeth Hawthorne) and William (Anthony Stewart Head), who claim to be his real parents, thus posing the question: Has the life he lived since he was a child all a lie?

Episode 2 - The Return In order to save many innocent lives, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) must enter the mind of a cunning foe, Kaba (Richard Chevolleau), and confront and defeat him in his own world, while his crew engage in battle against Kaba's minions.

Episode 3 - Into the Fire The crew must go undercover at an auction held by the land's most powerful slave trader, Oman (Anthony Lemke), in order to put him out of business, and to rescue Queen Jasmine (Josephine Davison).

Episode 4 - It's a Sinbadless Life When Rumina (Julianne Morris) dabbles in magic that messes with time, she changes the past, making it so that Sinbad (Zen Gesner) is never born, thus altering the fates of his closest friends and worst enemies.

Episode 5 - Last of the Seven Joined by a Samurai (special guest star Mako) seeking an honorable final journey, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and Tetsu the Ronin (Von Flores) reunite to battle a monster that is destroying Tetsu's homeland.

Episode 6 - The Seventh Day Reflecting on past events, Sinbad (Zen Gesner) recalls a tale from the Alternate Universe in which Scratch's counterpart (Tony Caprari) and Rumina's counterpart (Julianne Morris) were responsible for Sinbad's wicked counterpart (Zen Gesner) becoming the ruler of the land.

Episode 7 - Shipwrecks, Delusions and Thieves Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew meet the infamous Ali Baba (special guest star Michael Hurst) in a lighthearted romp that sees the not so wealthy Arabian Nights hero and his wealthy brother Cassim (Campbell Cooley) board The Nomad in search of a way back to his home and destiny.

Episode 8 - The Soul Stealer

In the 100th episode of The Adventures of Sinbad, Bryn (Mariah Shirley), Maeve (Jacqueline Collen), and Dermott come under attack from an unknown source and are powerless to stop it. Now Sinbad (Zen Gesner), Doubar (George Buza), Firouz (Tim Progosh), Rongar (Oris Erhuero), and a good friend (guest star Freddie Boath) must find a way to save them before it's too late.[7]

Virtual Movies

Movie 1 - Once a Valkyrie, Always a Valkyrie

Maeve (Jacqueline Collen) is summoned to the ice cold land far to the north of the Persian empire as a favor she owes to a former teacher (Thomas Ian Griffith). Jack of Blades: Simon McCorkindale, Bryn: Mariah Shirley, Sinbad: Zen Gesner, Frigga: Dylan Bierk.

Movie 2 - Asura and Manav Before The Nomad crew can reach mainland India, they must survive a night on an island belonging to the Hindu god of death (Raji Varma). Sinbad: Zen Gesner. Hanuman: Peter Wingfield. King of Demons: Valentine Pelka.

Movie 3 - Call of Destiny

In the epic series finale, The Nomad sets sail on its greatest adventure of them all. The epic conclusion is finally here.[8]

Unproduced Episodes

Death Island: The Nomad is attacked by a pirate ship. After docking at a nearby island for repairs, the crew is attacked by turncoat Druids that conduct grisly sacrifices on animals and humans.

Into Hell and Back: The crew are trapped in Hell. They must pass through and solve its eight riddling sections in order to escape.

Precious: The crew’s reunion with the pirate queen Talia winds them up in a hysterical, though quite deadly situation. The men have to disguise themselves as belly dancers as part of the pirate queen’s plan to steal something known as precious.

The Muse: Two passengers that come aboard The Nomad have a luring plan. Was going to be a mystery episode along the lines of “The Siren’s Song” from season 1.

Real Audio Episode: This was more of a concept for an episode than an episode itself. It would have had a narrator telling the story and other people doing the character’s voices.[9]

The Impaler: In the future, Sinbad’s soul has been reincarnated as the evil Vlad the Impaler, who is best know by some as the man who inspired the character of Dracula. After a brutal battle, Vlad is killed. In order to live another day, Vlad sells his soul to the devil. He becomes immortal and a vampire. With the help of some “old friends”, Vlad fights the darkness in him and the deal he has made. This episode was actually written and released in rough draft form during our first attempt at season 4 before the season 3 revisions, but got scrapped when we restarted season 4 after the season 3 revisions.

Best of Times, Worst of Times: A clip show concept revolving around the crew having to save a girl from a madman who has her held at knifepoint. This episode was actually written and released in rough draft form during our first attempt at season 4 before the season 3 revisions, but got scrapped when we restarted season 4 after the season 3 revisions.

The Gypsies: The crew arrive in a town run by a powerful crimelord. They protect a band of gypsies who know his true nature from being killed off by his men, then try to put the crimelord out of business.

Buried Alive: The crew have to save one of their own from being buried alive by Rumina in a trap-filled pyramid.

Teamwork: While sailing to India, the crew make a cargo drop on an island called Jakarta. They are to deliver goods to a large mansion. Things take a turn for the worse when giant spiders capture everyone but Firouz. It is Firouz to the rescue!

Firouz’s Mentor: Sinbad and Doubar remember how they met up with Firouz for the first time since the Shadow Moon voyage while the crew are trapped on an island with a man that became Firouz’s mentor after he took him in following the voyage aboard the Shadow Moon. In the flashbacks, the port town the brothers arrive at suffers from amnesia. Soon even the brothers have it. A curly haired inventor and his wacky ideas might just be enough to defeat the monsters causing the amnesia.[10]

Boys Will Be Boys: A comedy episode that had the guys turning into child versions of themselves. Can Bryn and Maeve find a way to turn them back?

The Ripper: A time traveling device inside a Persian exhibit in London’s natural history museum sends London’s infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper into the future, then to the past and Sinbad’s time. He resumes his murder spree in Baghdad. Sinbad and crew have to stop him, which is made harder since Jack has acquired more powerful weapons in the future....

Chivalry: Bryn and Maeve are the apples of a mini Sultan’s eye. He threatens to kill the crew if they don’t marry him. A comedy planned for season 4 that got bumped to season 5, then got bumped off the schedule completely.

The Stranger: A man from Bryn’s past that claims to be from their village claims that Bryn and him were romantically linked. At the same time a local town has becoming the killing ground for a shadowy figure. Could the killer and this supposed man from Bryn’s past be one in the same?[11]

Behind the Scenes

Following the project's completion, the creative team sat down on March 8, 2007 for a discussion of its history[12]. Participants included executive producers Kent Simmons and Jose Estreda, and creative consultants Marissa Ramirez and Tracy Viader, with writer and executive producer Alexandra Clark and season 3 writer and creative consultant Bastet (Mrinda Jez) adding additional comments later.


Kent: Where do we start.... March 1998.[13]

Tracy: I hardly knew Kent way back in 1998. Jose and me were good friends. You guys were the pioneers of this Sinbad fan fiction season thing.

Jose: More Kent than me. He heard about other show’s doing it online and thought it would be cool for Sinbad. I was just going to be the website help. Kent ended up posting the idea to the show’s official forum, I think.

Kent: Yeah. The old Adventures of Sinbad website. I remember that. It got a good response. A lot of people liked the idea so it happened. Kelly from the official fanclub at that time wanted to do something like it, so there would be two similar projects going on. We had some of the same people on each, but there were to be differences.[14]

Kent: Susanna and Maevelyn were with the fanclub and helped get this project launched. We were sort of like to triumvirate of the season. Joanna came on as a consultant. We had Mrinda, Debbie, Danielle (a.k.a. Rabbit), Seeker, Celeste, Krisa, and Maevelyn as the main writers. Towards the end of the year, Leah came aboard to write an episode with Joanna. Sade joined up around that time and wrote one also. There were a few people who came and went. We had an awfully big team the first year. [15]

Jose: Kent, remember the old WBS chat days? Kent: Yes I do. ...But the way the chatroom worked was weird. It took some getting used to.... I remember the evening before the season launched we had a premiere party in the chatroom. Everyone came, and we had people who were fans and some who weren’t who just wanted to wish us luck. It was a lot of fun.[16]

Learning Curves

Kent: I think we all would agree season 3 was a learning experience. Jose: It was one of those “wish you could go back and do it all over from scratch but really wouldn’t because what you learn makes you stronger” deals.[17]

Kent: Season 3 could have been way better organized. People were burned the hell out. Many left, went onto to do their own thing. I can’t blame them. I felt burned myself, but by the time I realized it, it was too late for most people to give it a second chance. I wish I had handled things better. Had they gone smoother, who knows. But we all learn from our mistakes. Jose: I think the mistakes ultimately made for a better project, leading to some time off, the revisions, a better organized season 4 and season 5, and finally the fan fiction movies after what almost was a permanent hiatus.[18]

Marissa: Why did you guys do 30 episodes [for season three]? Kent: Season 3 was going to be it. No more after. So we wanted to tie everything up. But that was a mistake. We should have committed maybe 22 like a normal tv season, or even just 18, then done another season which we ended up doing anyway.[19]

Character Moments

Kent: We were going to milk Rumina for all she was worth, but we wanted to create our own villain, someone who could basically be the exact opposite of Sinbad – his darker half come to life. A man that was evil and actually died once, so he was brought back by the devil to kill Sinbad as part of the devil’s plan to get back at Sinbad for not joining him. Sinbad might eventually have to kill this guy, but this guy is so good in goading Sinbad that Sinbad will get angry and give into his darker side if he kills him. So it sets up someone who Sinbad has to deal with but just can’t, therefore is someone who will make Sinbad grieve a lot along the way.[20]

Tracy: I fondly remember Firouz inventing pizza![21]

Jose: I always liked how Mrinda added in the Caliph and Omar’s little war into the backdrop for her episode ["Demons from the Past"]. Little things like that always help make the story seem more “alive”.[22]

Tracy: Bringing Maeve back...

Kent: This was what went the most against Ed’s outline. Why did we bring Maeve back? For a few reasons. We did want to resolve her storyline with the crew, at least for an arc. Second, we thought it would be nice to form a friendship between Bryn and her. There were so many real life things, personal opinions, and such that in the end turned some people away since they didn’t like Maeve, while turned others away because Maeve wasn’t as firebrand in our stories. We could never please both sides, so we tried to work around it and give them both something.

Jose: We had to negotiate. It made sense. Maeve couldn’t hide secrets from the crew anymore. Sinbad was a different person in season 1, had a different relationship with Maeve. We wanted their friendship in season 3 and beyond to be more adult, less playful.

Kent: Sums it up well. We did give Maeve a few nice episodes, including the one wrap-up movie so we didn’t make her background, but we didn’t make her the center of the show either. Some people loved the Season 1 interaction and missed it here, but we still had some silly moments here and there. The thing was when we started, I didn’t know there were many Sinbad and Bryn fans out there. So it seemed natural to go a Sinbad/Maeve route. When I found out otherwise, I thought we should give Sinbad and Bryn a go to be different and do more along the lines of where the show was headed in season 2 and beyond. We did subtext. Most people feel they came together. Did they? That is up to the audience. We ended up focusing on the friendship of the crew as a unit, a family.

Tracy: Some people thought Bryn and Maeve might be lesbians.

Kent: I’ll admit we had some strong scenes of bonding, some we overdid. But we weren’t headed that way. They were sisters by bond. Sinbad and Bryn have a special relationship of destiny, with subtext. Sinbad is like Maeve’s older brother now, they have a relationship not with subtext. We did much less Sinbad and Rumina flirtation. We let the romance stay in the bedroom between whoever. Most fan fiction seems to focus on romance. We ended up doing something different and focusing on the family unit, on storylines and character growth and character driven stories with plenty of action and adventure. We had some romance, but we tended to focus it on Doubar, Rongar, and Firouz which I thought rocked. Had we continued with Sinbad and “pick a female character” full bloom romance it would have been difficult to balance things. If they got hitched, the chemistry is risked. If they flirt, we have a Clark Kent and Lana Lang situation in the making.[23]

Final Reflections

Kent: After 10 years the grand adventure comes to an end. Looking back at all this, we all really went through a lot and accomplished something big. Everyone through the 10 years did. Now it will live on at the website for future generations to find, read, and hopefully enjoy.[24]

Kent: I don’t even know if there is a Sinbad fandom anymore or who is still lurking around from the old days. I talked to a few people I have kept in touch with last year, but besides that, I lost contact with a number of people I wish I could talk to again. The show was so wonderful. It brought people together. I think mostly everyone has moved on which is natural, but I hope most people didn’t loose contact with each other.[25]