The Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction Adult Archive

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Name: The Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction Adult Archive
Date(s): 14 October 2003 (last update)
Archivist: cairdean
Founder: cairdean
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven

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M7FFA Adult Stories.png

The Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction Adult Archive is a M7 fanfiction archive for stories are of an adult nature. Most include sexual situations and/or graphic sexual scenes. Stories are marked as slash (male/male or female/female), het (male/female), or adult (rated R or higher, but not necessarily sexual in content).

Fan Comments

A large collection of The Magnificent Seven fanfiction, both GEN and SLASH. This is the first M7 archive and a sentimental favorite. It is updated frequently, utilising the Automated Archive system, but it is not quite as easy to navigate as it could be. Please note: if searching the Adult/Slash archive, scroll through the Titles to find all the stories--the Authors list is incomplete.[1]


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