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Name: The Listener
Creator: Michael Amo
Date(s): March 1, 2009 – August 18, 2014
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: Canada
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The Listener is a Canadian fantasy drama television series about Toby Logan a telepathic paramedic whose abilities draw him into crime-solving, as a consultant for law enforcement helping others while listening and see to the thoughts of victims and criminals. A brief canon-crossover scene in one episode sets it in the same universe as the series Flashpoint.


With ~40 works published on AO3, this show can be considered a rarefandom; because of this it was approved for Yuletide.[1] Toby Logan/Tia Tremblay and Toby Logan/Mike "Spike" Scarlatti seem to be the most popular shipping in the fandom. Among crossovers, one pairing is Chloe Sullivan/Toby Logan from Smallville.

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