The Learning

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Title: The Learning (may be a draft title)
Author(s): "Milt Enniem"
Date(s): 1995 or earlier (possibly before 1983 when "Return of the Jedi" was released)
Length: 12 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Wars
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The Learning is a Han/Luke slash story that was copied and circulated in the mid 1990s.[1] Whether the story was formally published in a zine or privately circulated is unknown.[2] One fan remembers:
"The story I have is a 12-page Han/Luke slash first time PWP that starts out because they are a bit drunk but not too drunk to decide that they really want this. It's obviously a copy from a zine, the typeset looks old and Han asks Luke at the end if he wouldn't prefer marrying Leia and settling down with her, which makes me think this was written before it was revealed that they are brother and sister. However, the author name (looks like a pseud) is a different one than mentioned on the article page so it could be a different story"[3]

Another writes:

"In the fic Han basically seduces Luke. I don’t recall much actually other than it was pretty explicit to my 13 year old self. (For all I know it could be tame if I read it now.) I do remember after the sex scene Han and Luke talk about Leia and Luke informs Han he HAS had sex with her and she’s “just as bossy in bed as she is out of it.” That line stuck with me as I read this well after Return of the Jedi. (I should add that I think it was written well before that film came out and the author most likely didn’t know Luke and Leia would be retconned as twins… but I’m not entirely sure it was either so … Take that for what you will, I guess.) Oh and there was a bit where Han tells Luke he’d “fuck anything that moves” and that Luke was very beautiful and therefore he had to have him."[4]


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