The Last Job You'll Ever Have

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Title: The Last Job You'll Ever Have
Author(s): Isabel5
Date(s): March 7–28, 2008
Length: 254,061 words (24 Chapters)
Genre: Het - Chloe/Oliver, AU - season 6 canon divergence, Rated R, Romance & Humor
Fandom: Smallville
External Links: The Last Job You'll Ever Have (FFN)

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The Last Job You'll Ever Have is a Chloe/Oliver fic by Isabel5.


Chloe gets an interesting offer from Oliver that she just can't pass up. Like he says, it'll be the last job she ever has.

Author's Notes

This story is going to go a little off the show. Gabe, sadly, is dead because frankly it made my work a little easier. Also I have switched up rearranged some events in the timeline of the show, again to make my work easier.

Comments & Reactions

As of February 8, 2016: there are 260 Reviews, 420 Favorites, and 85 Follows.

"This fic is really long. Like really, Really long. But SO worth it. It's one of the best. Seriously. Outstanding. It's an AU that starts nearing the end of the 6th season, maybe (the time frame is not really clear) and it all begins when Oliver makes Chloe a proposition that she cannot refuse. The great thing about this author is that she always brings all the Justice League together in her stories. Somehow, someway, she will make you think of them as a family. And this story in particular will leave you with a smile on your face. I guarantee it."[1]
"I had forgotten about this story, it is awesome. Feel a re-read coming up tonight, thank you. :) The whole JLA-as-a-big-family thing is basically my favorite thing in fic right now."[2]


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