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The Kirk/Spock Meta Project is a 2011 project by mirroreuler.

It is a collection of links to articles and essays about Kirk/Spock. See The Kirk/Spock Meta Project.


I love Kirk/Spock meta. When it's just so canon, how could I not? I love reading other peoples' interpretations and I love giving my own. My first year of Kirk/Spock (that is, from February 2010 until now) meta was one of my favourite things about the Kirk/Spock community – I read a few and loved them! But I only ever stumbled upon them while looking at something else – if I wanted to read meta but hadn't recently found anything new I just had to deal with it. When I tried to deliberately look up meta my searches were unexpectedly hard, as the Kirkspock Delicious project only has one link under their meta tag and while there was meta on the Kirkspock community it was only there if it had been deliberately posted there. There was nowhere I could go just for a general list of Kirk/Spock meta.

So I thought, why not do it myself?

This list is meant to be for every Kirk/Spock shipper and meta lover, after all!

I won't necessarily put everything in, though. So what are my guidelines? Uhhhh...that's a good question! There are a lot of grey areas here where I've had to make probably arbitrary decisions. But here's what I've decided: I will mostly stick only to meta that explicitly references Kirk/Spock or is otherwise very relevant to fans (such as, say, the Star Trek timeline below). I've also been quite liberal when it comes to off-hand thoughts rather than serious analyses but I've tried to keep the list from being drowned in little single-serving ideas like that. (Note that that doesn't mean I haven't got any of those in there...;;) And I've tended not to include discussion posts, especially if they relate to a specific question rather than more general ideas, but if I've thought there were quite a few interesting answers in there I've included it in some cases. Other than that, though, if it relates to Kirk/Spock I'll put it in, including Kirk/Spock/other essays, and even anti-Kirk/Spock essays! (Know thine enemy, after all! :P)