The Halls of the King

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Title: The Halls of the King
Publisher: T.J. Publications
Author(s): Jenny Elson
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Halls of the King is a slash Star Trek: TOS 90-page (text printed only on one side) novel published in the UK. It is by Jenny Elson.

front cover


Summary from Gilda F: "In a universe where the Federation has been overthrown from within, Jim Kirk grabs at a way out when offered a chance to join up with the Vulcans."

Reactions and Reviews

"Can I touch the sky?"

"Yes, in the Hall of Kings"

Thus goes the fictitious Karuvian poem on which the title of Jenny Elson's zine is based. The action takes place in an Alternative Universe where Kirk and his lover Kel are fugitives from the Federation following a change in government. They plan to join the Vulcan Fleet but need to pass the entrance tests. It is during his recruitment that Kirk meets Spock and a spark is ignited between them. Finally, Kel leaves Kirk for another man and Spock breaks his bond with Steck; the two enter their 'Hall of Kings' where hopefully they finally touch their sky. Kirk is depicted throughout as a brash, over-arrogant person who insensitively uses Kel and who is much concerned with his self, his career, and his own survival. Despite this, a very persistent and equally determined McCoy hacks away at this brash exterior until they finally form a tenuous friendship. Spock's image is that of a cool, calculating Vulcan who is overcome by a fascination for Kirk. All three are hard, tough personalities with, it is hinted, golden hearts firmly embedded somewhere in the layers of stone. The plot was not spectacular, the characters were not exactly endearing and the conclusion was not unusual. However, despite this and the spelling errors that plagued the zine throughout, I enjoyed reading it though I can see plenty of reasons why it might irritate and bore some readers. Still, as I've said before; it all depends on one's taste and on one's tolerance of imperfections. [1]


  1. from Not Tonight Spock! #11