The Grief and the Glory

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Title: The Grief and the Glory
Creator: Tabby Davis
Date(s): early 1980s
Medium: print, cassette tape
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Grief and the Glory is a fan-created compilation of Starsky & Hutch poetry, prose, art, clippings, and music compiled by Tabby Davis.

a page from this zine, calligraphy for "Voyage of Rediscovery" by Tabby Davis, a post-Decorated for Death story: "SH projects and possibilities are always being discussed among fans. A recent theme started with the post-"Decorated for Death" question -- 'what happens next?' Part three of [Decorated for Death] introduces an element of hope for a human future, and these worshippers of de Chardin seem to me to belong there. [J, the author], of course, knows too these ideas (besides her own) for the extension of her story, and we've discussed this idea and this image. I find these words close to some of my own SH concepts and used them as prelude to a post-DFD story, 'Voyage of Rediscovery.' The original calligraphy forms one of the pages in "The Grief and the Glory"." [1]

It weighs at least five pounds!

The Creator's Description

'The Grief and the Glory' is my title for my anthology of SH-related words, artwork (much of it original and unpublished) and music. Because of its format, not to mention textual copyrights, it would never be published, though many fans know it and have spent time with it at various Cons and elsewhere. The page-size is 18"Xl8". All the pages use coloured paper — ivory, silver-grey, charcoal-grey, sable, scarlet (make that candy-apple red) and, naturally, indigo...depending on the page-content, which used, different calligraphic styles rather than typescript. 'G&G' has grown to over 200 pages, apart from the related songs and music on cassette — and now weighs more than five pounds. You could say it encapsulates/encompasses a lot of my ideas on SH. [2]


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