The Federation Chronicle Mail Interview: Maureen Basta

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Federation Chronicle Mail Interview: Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Interviewer: Hal Wilson, the editor of The Federation Chronicle
Interviewee: Maureen Basta
Date(s): December 1972
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek: TOS
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The Federation Chronicle Mail Interview: Maureen Basta is a 1972 interview (conducted by mail) with Maureen Basta (who also answered for her sister Laura Basta).

It was printed in the second issue of The Federation Chronicle.

The Questions Asked

1. Why did you get involved in ST fandom? 2. How long have you been involved in ST fandom? 3. What is your age? k. Who is your favorite character? 5. What do you think Star Trek's chances are of returning with a new series? With a movie?


1. We both got involved with the ST fandom at approximately the same time. We were both sophomores in high school, and a friend of mine had received a letter from Deforest Kelly. Then I learned about the LNAF, which I joined for that year (1967), and through the LNAF, we both became aware of the ST fandom, fanzines, etc.

4. This question if difficult to answer since I have never really had any particular favorites amongst the actors. Both of us were more in love with the show itself rather than the characters. If I take the more liberal definition of the word 'character' I would say my favorite people would be Dorothy Fontana, Gene L. Coon and Gene Roddenberry. The reason for this is that they are the creators of what STAR TREK was, though of course I do realize that there were very many other people involved with STAR TREK too. As for the actors, both my sister and I concur with Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. (The order by the way, was intentional). It seems that I'd better move on or I won't stop with this question...

5. Both of us do agree that the chances for STAR TREK's return are very good. We wouldn't be involved with S.T.A.R. if we thought that there really wasn't any chance for the return of the show. I do think that the show will return as a movie for theatrical release first. If it ever does return to television, this will mainly depend upon the financial response to the movie by the public. How ever, if the response if very good to a STAR TREK movie, there is the possibility that STAR TREK might never be seen on tv again. Instead the STAR TREK movie might evolve into something similar to the PLANET OF THE APES series of movies.

I also believe that this wouldn't exactly be that disastrous since it would mean very large filming budgets. And for a project like STAR TREK the more money the producer has to spend, the better it will be both scientifically, technically, as well as script-wise too. Also, for ST's return there is a possibility that If it does return to tv, it won't be a weekly series but in a format similar to the NBC MYSTERY MOVIE tv series. This too would be fairly good since it will allow the producer more time and money to work on each episode.