The Essay One

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Title: The Essay One
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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The Essay One Holiday Special was published in 1982. It contains 32 pages of Christmas tales in Remington Steele, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Greatest American Hero, Voyagers!, Knight Rider.

cover of the Holiday Special

From the editor: "I had wanted to make my own Christmas cards this year, but wasn't feeling terribly artsy, and the time involved seemed like too much to spare. Somewhere down the line I thought about writing a story called, 'The Man in the Funny Red Suit' and sending it out to my friends. Of course, as soon as I came up with the idea, several more titles began crowding into my mind: 'Christmas Goose' for Tales of the Gold Monkey, for example, and 'How Steele Grinched Christmas' for all the Remington Steele fan friends. (The title was changed to reflect the story that developed however.) The concept of putting out a little Christmas 'zine began to obsess me, and I went to work. You hold the results in your hands."

  • Steele Magic (3)
  • The Man in the Funny Red Suit (11)
  • Christmas Goose (17)
  • Quiet Night (19)
  • The Flight into Egypt (22)
  • Upcoming Specials (32)