The Dragon Swallows Its Tail

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Title: The Dragon Swallows Its Tail
Publisher: Aurabores Press
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): not dated, but probably pre-2001
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
External Links: Aurabores Press
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The Dragon Swallows Its Tail is a gen AU novel in the series, "The Evolution Affair." It has a sequel, Concentric Circles.

Summary from publisher, "'The Dragon Swallows Its Tail is Book One of a tale that spans the globe. It is the first in a series of many books in which Good and Evil influence the people of the Earth. In Arthurian Legend the great protective spirit of the Earth itself is a Dragon. When the dragon swallows it tail, it ensures the continuation of life - forming the eternal ring. In a sense, the characters involved in this drama form the same sort of ring. United in spirit, purpose and love, they must defeat the Evil that fast approaches the Earth. This is science fiction. This is fantasy. This is a love story."

Excerpt: "Mr. Solo's handshake threw him. From it, he felt and learned all manner of things about the handsome, richly dressed American. There was no shield on this mind as there was with Waverly. Napoleon Solo was an open book. Napoleon stole sidelong glances at the slender, blond Russian walking silently beside him. Something about the handshake-despite the coldness of the hand placed in his - felt right. An undeniable tingle of warmth had worked its way up his arm and taken residence somewhere around his heart. Illya Kuryakin was a powerful telepath. Often this talent seemed like a curse. He often had a devastating effect on people."