Concentric Circles

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Title: Concentric Circles
Publisher: Aurabores Press
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2001?
Series?: yes
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
External Links: Aurabores Press
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Concentric Circles is a gen AU Man from UNCLE novel in "The Evolution Series." It is the sequel to The Dragon Swallows Its Tail.

Summary from the publisher, "'Concentric Circles' travel out from their point of origin perfect, separate, never touching. Within a circle friends do sometimes touch. And sometimes they are touched... This is the story of what happens when Circles touch. Book Two of the Evolution Affair continues the saga of our circle of friends. They interact, they grow, they are interferred with and damaged and they continue to survive...somehow."

Excerpt: "“I survived the Sudan, I believe I can survive Brazil,” Illya shot back, glaring. Damn it! The prickling was intensifying. He had never before had a knack for precognition. Personally, he did not believe such a thing was truly possible. He had studied the problem from a physics point of view for an exhausting six months last year - on and off between assignments, that is - and his scientific mind had rejected the possibility of faster than light travel of sub-atomic particles that would allow for such a phenomenon. These particles would travel backwards in time, went the theory, informing a receptive mind of future events. No! Ridiculous! “Well, there’s always a next time, Illya. This baby’s all mine. You saw the expression on the Old Man’s face. Don’t make waves.” Always a next time? Are you sure about that, Napoleon? Between Napoleon’s soft mocking and Alexander’s set face, Illya realized he’d either have to succumb or disobey. As he walked out behind Napoleon, he vowed to keep his mind open and his body fit. That way, when the call came, he would be ready. He was sure - backward time traveling sub-atomic particles or no - that the call would come. And now it had. And now it was time to apply himself as he had been used to doing in Russia. When Illya Kuryakin really wanted something…"