The Darth Side

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Name: The Darth Side
Date(s): 21 October 2000 or before - 14 March 2009 or later (Wayback captures)
Archivist: Z.P. Florian
Founder: Z.P. Florian
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback link)
The Darth Side.png
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The Darth Side was a Star Wars TPM fanfiction archive. It was hosted by Tripod.

We call this site the Darth Side, home of more or less darkish mostly erotic SW stories a wide variety of TPM and pre TPM stories. We bring you the kind of darkness that remains in the realm of imagination.
you have to be eighteen and you should not be the kind who gets shocked by slash we have slash and non slash stories as well. We do not archive meaningless porn, tho some sensitive souls migh find even meaningful erotica disturbing. By clicking to enter you confirm that you are old enough to know where you are going.
Description from Stay On Target:
ARCHIVE | | Contains slash.[1]

The site was a member of The Prequel Erotica SiteRing, the Episode One Erotica[2] webring and the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.


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