The Consort

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Title: The Consort
Author(s): MaddyCain
Date(s): August 24 - October 4, 2008
Length: 119,680 words (34 chapters)
Genre: Rated M, Romance/Drama, DG/Cain
Fandom: Tin Man (TV)
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The Consort by MaddyCain is a DG/Cain fanfic.


Before she becomes Queen, DG reluctantly asks her most trusted friend, Wyatt Cain, to be her Consort. When Cain must leave on a dangerous mission, DG realizes that she's fallen in love with her husband, and he with her, but is it too late?

Comments & Reviews

As of February 2, 2016: stats on the story at FFN are 418 reviews, 315 favorites and 70 follows.

"This is a very well written story that is being updated on an almost daily basis. It looks at the relationship between DG and Cain and treats it in a very realistic way. It touched my romantic heart because Maddy lets love grow over time and shows us two people working together in difficult circumstances. Yes, that means there is a plot."[1]
"Well-written, realistic continuation of the Tin Man mini-series and development of the relationship between DG and Cain. DG must take over as Queen of the O.Z. and Cain agrees to become her consort and protector. It is an arranged marriage at first, as Cain is still getting over the loss of his wife and hadn't planned on taking such a prominent role in the O.Z., but he cares for D.G. and is her friend and wants to protect her. The story contains a good deal of intrigue behind the scenes as DG grows into her role and her relationship with Cain deepens."[2]


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