The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing

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Title: The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing (TCSWL)
Creator: Hanspeter Niederstrasser
Date(s): 1995-?
Medium: online
Fandom: Star Wars
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The Complete Star Wars WWW Listing was an early attempt by fans to create a listing of all online Star Wars fan sites and fandom resources. It was originally posted to the Usenet and later moved to a hypertext linkable website. The first listing appeared in 1995 and was compiled monthly by Hanspeter Niederstrasser who was at Princeton University at the time.

The listing in is Usenet plain text format (archived links)

The listing as an interactive website:

Fandom Reactions

  • "The BEST Star Wars WWW listing EVER!"[1]
  • "[My] page is on that listing of all the Star Wars related pages on the web!"[2]
  • "A very large and well organized list of Star Wars sites on the WWW. My site is listed here under Miscellaneous. I'm famous!"[3]