The Colours Series

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Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Fanfiction
Title: The Colours Series
Author(s): Mona Ramsey
Date(s): 25 December 1999 - 18 January 2000
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
External Links: The Colours Series (Master & Apprentice)

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The Colours Series is a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan series by Mona Ramsey.


  • Blue - Obi-Wan's nightly ritual.
  • Red - Qui-Gon explains *his* nightly ritual.
  • Green - Obi-Wan takes the next step.
  • Yellow - Qui-Gon explains.
  • Purple - Obi-Wan takes the true measure of his reward.
  • Orange - Qui-Gon discovers what his Padawan hasdone, and reacts.
  • Indigo - Obi-Wan considers his final lesson.
  • Black - Qui-Gon's final fall.
  • White - Obi-Wan seeks answers.

Recs and Reviews

Now, I have to say this, because I'm incredibly biased: Mona has rarely written a story I haven't loved. But these fics are remarkable. Not only has she turned Qui-Gon into a reprehensible monster, but she has found a way for his actions to make sense, and she has done it in such a shivering, sensual, darkly deviant way that I will never be the same. If you like Dark!Fic, these stories will be your cup of tea.[1]
There is angst in TPM and then there is uber-angst. This is a very angsty series, well-written, and I love the way the color of each chapter is reflected in the story itself. The author's unapologetic for having no beta; personally, I think she could've used one as there are bits and pieces where there's some excess text that could be trimmed. But every piece is a neat, sharp bite of excellent Qui/Obi angst, in that genre of "it's requited love, but maybe they'd both be better off it it weren't." I also like the fact that this series does not leave me with a victim!Obi aftertaste. Particular favorites in the series include Green and Purple. [...]
More: The series starts with Obi-Wan going out at Qui-Gon's request to seek sexual pleasure from strangers. We find out that Qui-Gon has been hurting himself (beating himself with a braided leather strap) as a way of self-punishment for wanting Obi-Wan, and that the ritual is one he designed to keep himself from actually going after him. The rituals don't work for long. Eventually, the two of them get more and more tangled until openly manipulating and hurting themselves and each other is the only way to deal with how strong their feelings for each other are.[2]
I was hooked the minute I read the first story. It was so different from everything I've read, and although Bastard!Qui-Gon fics aren't usually my idea of good reading, I find myself falling for each of the dark, painful, and yet sensual stories in this series. Then again, this is Mona's work we're talking about, so it's definitely worth reading.[3]
Dark and painful series, but like all of Mona's work it's well worth the agony. Beautifully done, definitely check it out.[4]


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