The Collected Trek

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Title: The Collected Trek
Publisher: SIOFBN Press
Editor(s): Lucy Carroll
Date(s): September 1983
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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The Collected Trek is a Star Trek 206-page gen anthology. It was published by Lucy Carroll. It contains six short stories and a novel.

  • The Gift ("I have often thought T'Pring to be a bloomn' fool for choosing Stonn over Spock. I have tried to give her reason, some credibility, and to re-examine her possible motives.") (7) (reprinted from Subspace Chatter) #2
  • Something Missing (A humorous Uhura story; her gift for her niece gets her in dutch with Spock.) (11)
  • Resolution (a Scotty-Chekov dialog, written for a contest. "The rules stipulated length and dialog format, as well as the choice of characters. Someday I'd like to expand it into a story, but as it is, it's fun to read aloud at Science Fiction Club meetings.") (28)
  • The Portal (32) ("...written for Maureen Leise, a great Scotty fan and my guide into fandom. If not for Maureen's suggestion that our club publish a 'zine, Subspace Chatter, of course, I would have never started writing these silly stories.") (reprinted from Subspace Chatter) #1
  • Kleeg's Sabbatical ("Contrary to the statements of my friends, this is not autobiograhical. Of course, I DID take a Sabbatical to research for a disseration, I DO now write science fiction, and my middle name is Ellen. Besides, I haven't heard from Klorg in over a year!") (42)
  • Mary Sue's Sacrifice (a jab at MS's everywhere, "It's utter nonsense. Many fan stories, however, bear a striking resemblance. Or is it the other way 'round? To the uninitiated, Mary Sue is exactly as Spock describes her (p.50). This story takes playful swipes at Vonda McIntyre's "The Entropy Effect," Jean Lorrah's Night of the Twin Moons series, Sonni Cooper's "Black Fire, the K/S zines (Kirk/Spock homosexual premise. I never DID understand that aspect of fandom...) at the hurt/comfort premise in so much fanfic, at dozens of unabashedly awful Mary Sue stories, and even (sorcery/trek) at a GREAT story Ann Crispin wrote and read aloud at Shore Leave #5. My apologies to all!") (49)
  • Resolution (a Scotty-Chekov dialog)
  • Not As It Seems, and its sequel For All My Days (two complex Spock-oriented Trek tales, complete with exotic aliens, strange plot twists, sentient computers, Romulans, Klingons, and Lemaurian time-frame experiments. The author describes it as "the first Trek story I wrote. I suppose it is a Mary Sue of sorts. Ah, but which one is the Mary Sue?") (70)
  • Quizzes (65, 66, 67, 69)
  • Graffiti (64, 206)